Monday, October 3, 2022

Tengso Tries to Make Dreams Come True

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My friends Rani and Shamrock were joined by their brother Tengso this weekend, leaving their mom brokenhearted again.

Tengso is a sweet boy who had fought the Dark Angels bravely for years, surviving a cancer battle and arthritis which robbed him of his ability to walk. But, up to his last day, Tengso met every day with a smile and always, through his dark eyes, showed his mom how much he loved her.

After losing his siblings and trying to help his mom cope with his losses, he knew her greatest wish, to be visited in her dreams by her angels, and she would remember the encounter.

Tengso, after he was sworn in as an angel, and had his welcoming celebration, gathered with his siblings to discuss accessing their mom's dreams. I overheard their talk, and never being able to mind my own business, I butted into theirs.

I told them that it is a curse for humans not to be able to remember our dream visits. Mortal life, for humans, can be a cold, heartless place where you have to work, from a child doing his homework to an adult laboring 50 hours a week. To cope with this harshness, the human mind blocks anything that is not rooted in easily explaible facts. Young children and seniors are allowed to experience the magic, and when they repeat what they see, they are told they are senile or have an overactive imagination.

Because of the darkness of mortal life, humans tend to remember the bad dreams, where they, or someone they love, are in danger, then the good ones, where humans visit them. Life has caused humans to reject the good and concentrate on the bad; for example, more humans know when Pearl Harbor was bombed than when the US was ultimately victorious in the war. Bad news always seems to stick.

But, we angel never stop trying, especially one as determined as Tengso, who fought off cancer for his mom and the inability to walk for her and defeated all odds against him. He has let love lead him from his puppy days, and now that his pain is gone and his legs are strong, as is his mind, he is ready to go to war—a war of remembrance.

Through grit and determination, I think his mom's dreams will someday come true and, more importantly, be remembered.


  1. Our angels appearing in our dreams make thinks a bit easier, but we miss our furry loved ones so much.

  2. Our mom loves when she is visited in her dreams by her pups, although she misses all of them so.

  3. Hugs and sweet dreams to Tengso's mom!

  4. Big healing hugs to Tengso's mom. ♥

  5. Tengso's was a warrior....who tried so very hard to stay with his mom
    Hugs to all

  6. Angel Tengso will figure it all out and those dreams will come true.

  7. We KNOW that they will! Our Mom has wonderful dreams of all the befores, sometimes us here join them in her dreams! Purrs Marv


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