Friday, October 28, 2022

Moo Comes to Town (by Foley Monster)

Collectively, they are known as the boys. Elvis, Huckleberry, and Moo. They came into a pack living on a farm and increased their energy level by 1000%. The rambunctious boys will always be puppies, so I was stunned to see Moo's name on a list of incoming Angels.

River escorted Moo up Enzo's escalator and to Hobo's Landing, where I would administer the angel oath. He looked like I remembered him as a puppy, with love and excitement in his eyes. After I had done my duty and before his welcoming Celebration, I asked him how a dog so young could come to the Bridge. When he told me his departing age, I was stunned, and I had missed his entire adulthood.

Years don't mean a thing when living in an immortal world. Five minutes and five years seem the same amount of time. Still, I felt terrible about losing touch with them. Truthfully they didn't need me. The boys had Josie and Koda, two of the most loving angels of all, and where they went, so did Smoochy, their sibling from different humans was sure to follow.

They waited for me to be done with Moo, and then he trotted over to his siblings, who gave him a big hug, as did another dear friend Lily. Then Hattie Mae appeared and said she had longed to provide Moo with a makeover because he was too much farm boy for her liking. The look on Moo's face was priceless. Thankfully  his siblings told him they wouldn't change a thing about him and ignored Hatte when she said: "Maybe the drooling."

Moo wasn't offended; he was born a good-natured dog and will continue to be that way for eternity. The welcoming party was held at the barn, with hundreds of angels welcoming him. Moo ate quickly and then ran around with his friends, feeling like a puppy again. The only distraction was when he thought the cows were calling his appellation.

Moo's mom has always been very close to Koda and Josie, even as angels, so after a simple suggestion from the angelic duo, she could see them all playing together frantically, if only in her dreams.

Huckleberry and Elvis will labor to make up for all the mischief lost with Moo's departure. Still, they know their antics make their mom smile, which is difficult when grief comes to town, so they will try and be aided by their mom's strong angels, who will deliver her from the darkness, as they have time and time again.

And the immortal world will be much more fun now that Moo has come to town.



  1. We are excited that Moo was greeted so happily by his before family OTB! AND wWe are glad there are still some fur siblings there for Moo's Peeps. Moo is so well loved! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do. We love hearing about how sadness can be turned into happiness! Purrs Marv

  2. what a beautiful story about Moo and glad his mom still has dogs at home to help her through the loss of Moo

  3. Moo will surely be missed but we know he will visit his Mom quite often.

  4. Thank you so much Foley !! Wills. Emme, Huck and Elvis miss him as much as we do.


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