Saturday, June 6, 2009

The sinister Chihuahua and his direct to DVD Mom

By Foley:

Guess who I met today?

Pocket and I went outside after Mommy and Daddy got back from shopping (nothing for us) and, while I was minding my own business peeing on the lawn, the sinister Chihuahua came running up to me. Well, first of all, I do not like having my peeing interrupted especially by a rhinestone collar wearing lap dog. Secondly, it got right up in my face, not respecting my personal space at all. Daddy held our leashes tight being well aware of my peeing rules.

And then, sashaying down the sidewalk towards my Dad, came the Chihuahua’s owner. Now where we live there are rules, and one of the rules is that you cannot let doggies run free. Daddy gets very upset when this happens because he worries about us tiny dogs. So what did Daddy say when he saw the Chihuahua’s Mom as she smiled and apologized?

He smiled and told her that it was all right. You see the sinister Chihuahua’s Mommy, she’s in the movie industry. Well, that may be giving her too much credit, she’s in the DVD industry. The direct order DVD industry. The direct order from an internet site which you can’t get on to at the public library DVD industry. The direct order from an internet site frequented by lonely guys who used to own a Bichon Freise which you can’t get on at the library DVD industry.

I looked up at Daddy, ready to see him give this woman what for, and he looked at her, smiled, and said “That’s OK.” The woman then bent down and picked up the sinister Chihuahua and it looked back at me and sneered with the “my Mommy’s in the direct to DVD business and I can do whatever I want,” look.

Pocket and I continued on our walk but Pocket could not concentrate on her business, and if anyone needs to concentrate on her business it is Pocket. She asked me why Daddy had not given that woman what for and I told her that when approached by pretty Mommies some Daddies become like a bowl of Jello while trying to come across like a rawhide stick.

I calmed Pocket and she did her business and when we came around again we saw Jake and Elwood, our Lhasa friends, being walked by their Mom, and she moved to walk in the street while we moved to walk on the sidewalk because the four of us, when we get together, have a marathon barking and sniffing session. A disappointed Pocket asked why Daddy would keep us sniffing the sinister Chihuahua but have us avoid our Lhasa friend’s Mom. I told her it was because Jake and Elwood’s Mom is a paralegal and not in the direct to DVD industry.

We went back inside and there was my Mommy. You know the relationship us pups have with our Moms. Sometimes we can say so much with just a look. We can say “Mommy I need to go outside,” or “Mommy my tummy hurts,” or “Mommy Daddy was making googley eyes at the woman who is in the direct to DVD movies.” I chose the third one.

I was a little cold in bed last night. I like to sleep right between Mommy and Daddy. But when Daddy has to sleep in the hammock it’s never as warm. At least we won’t be seeing that Chihuahua for awhile.

Some sacrifices are worth it in the long run.


  1. Some daddies will never learn, will they.

  2. Daddy says that he is jealous that a direct to dvd/internet site which you can’t get on to at the public library star doesn't live on our block. Mommy says he's lucky one doesn't or he would get himself into WAY more trouble than your Daddy did.

  3. BOL Foley!!! Mom is glad that we don't have anyone in the DVD that you can't get in library industry or dad would be moving out.....BOL