Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24 2010 Pups of the Week are the K Dogs

Before we get to our Pup of the Week we must take a moment to bestow the Pawents of the Week award. In the past two weeks we have honored Ladybug and Sage with our highest recognition, and we could give these two wonderful dogs Pup of the Week every week. But they are both shy and modest dogs and would not want to constant recognition.

So let's take a moment to recognize their pawrents with the Pawrents of the Week award. They have had an incredibly difficult week, watching their beloved dogs in pain and suffering, and they have held strong, determined to do was right for their little, lovable balls of fur. So, for all the Brigade Members, and dogs everywhere, we would like to give them a big thank you and lots of licks.

With all the sadness this week there has been one happy story. Atypically, it begin with a sad story, as our Pup of the Week lost a beloved sister and became depressed. She wasn't eating, She spent most of her time sleeping. Her puppy heart was broken. Thankfully her parents knew exactly what to do. They went to the shelter to find a new sister.

They filled out the papers, they had the home visit, and then they were approved to bring home Kady to help heal the large hole in their hearts that Krie left, and to give another dog the enormous amount of love they have in their hearts.

We haven't heard back from the K & K grrls about how well Kady has fit in with the family or how well Kenya has welcomed her, but we're sure their parent made their transition simple and sweet.

(OK embarrassing admission: I am not sure Kenya is the dog that is not eating, so I am making a dog pup of the week whose name I am not 100% sure of, but that is what the edit button is for. Also the girls got locked out of their first profile and had to create a new one and I don't know how to fix it so we can delete the old one. Sigh.)

So congrats to our newest members, the K & K grrls, Kenya (oh boy I hope so) and Kady, and their wonderful pawrents (plus Ladybug's and Sage's pawrents) for being our Pups and Pawents of the week.

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