Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A visit with Aunt Bev

Today I had a very exciting day. I got to go to the Retirement Home and see Aunt Bev. And I got to do it without Pissy Pocket, because, well, she's pissy. So, for an hour today I was where I belong, the center of attention.

Mommy and Daddy felt bad because they had not seen Aunt Bev since before Christmas, and what better offering to bring then a Foley Monster. I pranced in (OK, there was a great deal of sand to prevent icing on the ground so I was carried in, but Daddy pranced) and all the women there smiled at me.

It was a short prance down the hall to Aunt Bev's room. When we went in she saw me and a big smile creased her lovely face. Daddy held me up as I sniffed and snuggled. We then gathered at the far end of the room, her in her recliner, Mommy in a chair in the corner, and Daddy, having dragged a chair across the room, and creating such a disturbance that it caused a nurse to enter the room and ask if there was a wild animal in there, which made Daddy turn red in embarrassment and me to stick out my chest at her description of me as a wild animal, by the bed.

Mommy and Daddy were sitting close enough so they could each have a hand stroking me. I did what I do best. I sat and was adorable. I was excited so I was panting. When I pant my eyes are wide, like big brown pools you could swim in for days, and my tongue curls out of my mouth like a wonderful water slide that goes past big white mountains with heavy plaque buildup.

Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Bev were talking. I don't know what it was about. Nor do I care. My job was to sit in either Mommy's or Daddy's lap and look beautiful. Head tilted, big smile, ears erect: just the perfect model of a Yorkie.Every time Aunt Bev looked at me she needed to feel like she was looking at the most precious creature on the planet, and have her heart and mind filled with peace. And baby I rocked it.

I got down a few times to check out the floor. Then, at the end of the visit I saw this other beautiful Yorkie that looked just like me, on a window in the door, with someone who looked just like Mommy, and I would growl at it, but then I remembered my duty, and went back to looking perfect.

Finally it was time to go. We helped Auntie Bev up and we walked out into the common area. And there they were. Like stallions running in the green fields of Chile. Thriving in their own habitat. A half dozen old women on a couch in front of a TV. Daddy walked me over to them and it was like they found a vision of Jesus in the toast. They smiled, and laughed, and their hearts were filled with a joy not felt since childhood. They rubbed my head, my chin, my back, my...hey, cut your nails, and watch the tail lady, hey you're pinching me, OK back off you rubes!

But I had to forgive them. This was the biggest thing to happen to them since Elvis visited the PX. They were back scratching me when my sensitive nose picked up a peculiar scent. I turned to see a King Cavalier Spaniel being held by a woman. Damn! I knew I should have marked the rug so I could claim this as my petting grounds. Daddy walked my over to this wild, untamable beast, and our necks craned as we gave each other a long sniff.

'How are they today?" he asked.

"The one with the white sweater has nails like a velociraptor," I whispered. "And the big one, when she scratches your tummy, it's like she's looking for her wedding ring in a pile of cookie dough."

He nodded. "Ive been there solider," he said. "I want to thank you for providing a service to my friends here today, you go home a lay on your Mommy's lap, I'll take it from here." He then gave me a little puppy salute, and as my heart swelled, I returned it.

Before we went home Mommy took a picture of Aunt Bev and me. She took it with her Barkberry and she isn't very good with it, but it's a picture of me and one of my very sweetest friends, Aunt Bev.

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  1. I'm sure that your visits bring a lot of joy to Aunt Bev and her neighbors. Keep bringing them happiness!!


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