Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year for the Tanner Brigade

Hi, the Foley Monster here, wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year. We haven’t posted a blog in a week. We were on staycation. We had a great time. We played the slots at Mohegan Sun, had a dinner at a nice restaurant (but it was our second choice, the first had spiked milkshakes but it wasn’t open, we’re still wracked with disappointment), we celebrated my Mom’s birthday, we stayed up New Year’s Eve watching the annual exploiting of Dick Clark’s deteriorating health while drinking Foleytinis (Mix cocanut rum, peach schanppes, pineapple liquor, and orange juice and garnish with a jerky stick). On Friday Pocket and I chopped down the Christmas tree then hid under the bed when Mommy began yelling about it being artificial. (Mommy’s New Year Resolution was to be calm and assertive, oops.) Guess you’re not supposed to chop down an artificial tree. Who knew? Saturday we helped Daddy get rid of the snow with our massive pees.

Pocket made a resolution not to pee in the house anymore. She broke that shortly after we chopped down the Christmas tree. I had resolved not to attack Pocket anymore if she didn’t pee, but I am no longer held to the resolution. I have not attacked her yet. My main weapon is surprise, which is why I attack her in her sleep.

We finally figured out how to use one of Erin’s layouts on our homepage. We were so excited we accidentally downloaded ourselves to Hobo Hudson’s house, which normally is a good thing, but my forgetting to file paperwork in time may have cost him a few thousand kibbles when he sold his company. We were able to make it home safely without facing the wrath of the Hobo because he was making googley eyes and leaving bacon strips for the girl down the street.

Pocket then decided we should use Erin’s layout as the main layout for the Tanner Brigade. I knew immediately how I felt about this. If people like it, then it was my idea, if they don’t, it was all Pocket. I think it will affect pages that contain blogs, members, videos, photos, and forums. Let us know what you think. We want to snazzy the place up a bit.

I am very excited about the upcoming year for the Tanner Brigade. It’s our first full year together and we’re trying to come up with even more fun events. We have so many brilliant pups here: the computer expertise of Erin, the beautiful artistry of Zoe, the fun contests run by Luca and the Argentinian pack, Shiloh’s Caniscopes, the Pack’s Puppy Digest, Tadertot’s Popsicle jokes, Hobo’s business blogs, Hattie Mae’s fashion photos, Sarah Jane’s smart tips for dog owners in the economy humans screwed up so badly, Buttons’ wisdom, the runway magic of the Lambies, and the daily miracle of Morgan.

So please either let me know if you like the new look, or Pocket know how badly she screwed up the old look. We look forward to many fun days of play at the Tanner Brigade, and to be ready with snuggles, soft licks, and broad shoulders, for the bad days.

We may not be calm, or very assertive, but we are a pack: loved by our parents, unconditionally loving them back, and looked over by Tanner and the Rainbow Bridge Angels.

We are the Tanner Brigade.

Long may we run.

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  1. Long may you run, whichever side of the bridge you are on, Foley.