Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pup of the week: January 17, 2010

My parents favorite team is the Patriots. They won lots of games this season, which should make them happy, but they lost the last one, and that made them angry. I don't know why. Seems like only one team wins a season, and that leaves lots of unhappy slope noses. Why spend so much time on something that ultimately makes you unhappy? It's like if every time we chased the squirrel after we caught it we'd have to get a bath. Come to think of it, that's what happens.

But, as I drift in and out of my doggy naps I hear how these teams are in the fight of their lives, and this makes me angry. Because none of these men are in the fight of their lives. I'd probably spend more time watching and less napping if they were.

But if they want to understand what to fight for your life is, they should meet our pup of the week.

He is in the fight of his life. This week he became very sick and this illness has caused his poor Mom so much heartache and pain. He has been a very brave pup. Far braver than me. I don't even want to have my teeth cleaned. He has had to have several blood tests, dozens of pills ingested, all sorts of pokes and prods, He's had his paws shaved, had drugs pumped into him, and even a blood transfusion.

Before the blood transfusion it looked like the bridge was calling him. Each breath was so hard. But he fought to stay with his sweet Mom, and after a very difficult day he returned home with his tail wagging and eyes full of love for his Mom.

The diagnosis is AIHA, Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia. I don't know what that is. All I know is the more letters or initials something has the worse it is. He is going to have more dogtor visits; more prodding; more poking, and no promises on what he will find at the end of this road.

But we will going on the road with his Mom and him. Before I announce his name, although you all know who he is, may I take time for a tip of the tail to my Brigade friends who have been so great with their comments, prayers, and good mojo, that have helped to convince the Bridge Angels not to come calling yet. The Prayer Brigade shall not let up.

So it is my great honor to name the toughest fighter we have in the Brigade, a laughing Spaniel, who, no matter how large the doctor's say his heart grows, it will never match the true power of love in his heart; a dog who went through horrible treatments and pain for days and bounced back with a wag and a smile,

For those reasons, and many more, Sage is out Pup of the Week.

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