Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mollie, and Luca, Junior and Fred are our pups of the week

Happy Halloween. I am happy to report that this week was not at all scary for Brigade members. Paco is still under the weather, and we send good thoughts across the seas every day for our friend. But we haven't had a week with no major illnesses, no scary dog fights or accidents, no hospital trips for parents. So this Halloween lets celebrate the goodness in pups.

One of the attributes I so admire in our little Brigade is the compassion we show to others. At the first sign of trouble we are there to love and support. Personally I think it's an underrated quality in us dogs: compassion

We could recognize every dog here for their compassion, but this week we are going to pick out one pup, and a pack of pups, to share pup of the week, even though I can name the entire Brigade.

This week in the heart of the country there was some terrible, life threatening weather, We were all concerned but two of our members: Mollie, and Luca, Fred and Junior published blogs not about their lives, but checking to make sure their friends in the affected areas were safe. It was the thought on all our minds, but they were kind enough to do it.

Therefore we were able to find out that everyone was all right, even if they experienced some close calls, having to huddle in the cellars and shelters while those terrible tornadoes swirled around them. We don't like those tornadoes at all. We have never experienced them but they sound so scary. We hate hearing they are around any of our friends. I just pray that Tanner Bub and the Angels are blowing them in another direction.

It's not just the horrifying weather that makes us give comfort, but the loss of a pup's friend, like Angel, friend to Bo, Maggie and Sandy, who went the Rainbow Bridge way too soon, or the passing of Mr. Smoochy's very best friend Wiggly Giggly (he wiggled his giggle too much, wiggling the giggle is the number one cause of toy deaths.)

I hope none of our wonderful members take offense for all the generous thoughts and words of comfort they have given without getting this recognition but this recognition also goes to all the pups who have offered us or our friends hope and comfort in troubled waters, and that Mollie and Luca's pack don't get upset that we are asking them to share the award with so many pups (too many to be named.)

It is wonderful to belong to an online community where we know if we are weary, feeling small, if tears are in our eyes, you will dry them off.

So this is for all our wonderful pups, and for their wonderful acts of compassion and concern, Mollie and Luca, Junior and Fred, our very friendly Halloween Pups of the Week.

We know you will always be there for us.


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