Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Dogs of Brazil have awarded us the Stylish Blogger Award and Justin Beiber still hasn't won anything

Although Pocket and I consider our meager efforts far from worthy we have been honored by the tremendous writers of the Dogs of Brazil blog, which, if you are not reading every day, you should be, with the Stylish Blogger Award.  While receiving this award from any blogger would have been a thrill, to be recognized by writers who have spent the last two months rescuing and caring for dogs displaced in the biblical floods that have plagued Brazil, to be held in esteem by such warriors, is a thrill beyond compare.

We shall be proud to display this badge on our page:
Our blog is one of three blogs to whom our Brazilian friends shall grant this award.  It will be our job now to award this to three other blogs.  Unlike most of our decisions, which put us in either great danger or silly peril, we shall take our time so we can make a wise choice.

Now we have to list seven facts that you do not know about us.  I, Foley Monster, and Pocket agree that I should handle this task, since I lived eight years before penning my first blog, and Pocket was blogging in the womb, so there is little about her life that is not known.

Also Pocket insists these facts have to be true, so I will not be listing how I played John Valjean in Les Miserables for three years on Broadway or that I wrote The Help.

So I give you the magnificent seven unknown facts about Foley Monster:

1.  My Mommy has a recliner that spins.  It sits between my little chair and the couch.  Sometimes, to get up on the couch, I sit on my little chair, bark at Mommy to spin the recliner towards me, then have her spin it towards the couch so I can get on the couch and enjoy a three second two foot ride.

2.  There was a skit on Saturday Night Live called The Falconer.  Mommy and Daddy would watch the show in bed with me under the covers.  During the skit the Falcon would make a long caaaw caaw sound.  Whenever I heard it I would jump out of bed and stand by the door growling until Daddy got up, leashed me, took me outside and I searched the grounds for The Falcon.  No other sound has ever made me react like that.

3.  When I was less than a year old Daddy came home late one night.  I greeted him at the door with my sister Blake who is now at the Bridge.  Daddy and Mommy sat down to talk when they noticed I was missing.  Daddy panicked thinking I was loose outside in the dark.  He opened the door to find me sitting between the screen door and the front door just as content as could be.

4.  I like being picked up, but not held.  I like to balance on the holder's arm but do not like being squeezed.

5.  I was never registered with the AKC so I have no papers and can never visit any of my friends in Arizona.

6.  I got fixed at five months of age so I have never been in heat.  But I have been in humidity.

7.  I administer a web site called the Tanner Brigade and after I go on the chat I still can't figure out how to make the window collapse and have to restart the computer.

Now say a little prayer for us so we can make wise choices on who to also honor with the award.

Thank you again, my brilliant friends, the Dogs of Brazil

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  1. PAWS UP and CONGRATULATIONS Foley Monster and Pocket! Your blog is always a treat to read and we look forward to your laughs and life stories. We think #3 is hiiiiiilarious!


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