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If humans won't buy our condo how about dogs?

We have been waiting four months for a human to make an offer on our condo and so far not even a nibble. So once again it is up to me to help out my Mom and Dad.  I think their problem has been their insistence that they need to market our home to other humans.  But this leaves an entire segment of the population out.  I speak, of course, of the pup market.

So I would like to show you our home.  Let's start at the entrance.

This is what you usually see when you come in the front door.  Two comfy recliners, a little white chair for me, a warm carpet to nap on.  What more can you ask for?  That blur to the right is Pocket chasing the ball.  No wonder she leaks so much, she's barely solid.

Now the first thing you should do upon entering the house is to jump on the back of the couch to see what is going on outside.
This give was an excellent view of what is going on outside.  Anything that creeps into your vision needs to be barked at like your Gordon Ramsey having been given an undercooked Wellington.  This is your area,  Let no one pass without knowing they are on land under your protection.

When you are done hop over to Mom's recliner.  This is where I spend most of my day.

If you care to lift your head up you can watch the TV.  You can see down the bottom there is a little Wii Fit.  This is just for decoration.  Most of the time I am either facing Mommy or have my eyes shut.

Now let's take a stroll through the dining room and look out the back door:

How about we jump back to the couch for a picture of our central fireplace.

You get a nice view of the fire place and you can see right through to the dining room so if someone drops food off the table you can see it from the couch and get down, pick it up, and bring it back.  I steal lots of french fries like this.  Sometimes I forget they are there and Mommy finds the couch potato.  Also it's a nice view of our toys.

Now let's take a walk through the dining room and look out the back door.
OK, because of the snow there is not a lot to see.  But in the summer you rule this back section of the lawn too.  The good news is that with all the snow of the deck that bad white kitty can't sit on it and disrespect my authority.

Let's take a walk in the kitchen.  Here is my dog bowl.

Now the humans haven't offered this dog dish and stand as part of the deal but if you insist on having it we will throw it in.  There is a second bowl that goes with the stand that can be included too.  Mommy only puts out one dish  because Pocket over drinks and we all know what happens after that.

A short turn around and here is where we look up and wait for our treats
Usually our Mommy and Daddy are standing there getting the treats out of the jar while we stand, waiting forever, looking up.  This is also where we wait patiently for our supper.  We spend lots of time looking up like this.  Wish someone would clean around the stove exhaust.

We eat in the living room  by Mommy's chair off of plates.  They are in the dishwasher right now so you can't see them.   Plus I am pretty sure we are taking the plates.  But here is another prime spot for food.
It is the begging for scraps from the table spot.  Right between Mommy's chair and Daddy's chair.  You can see Daddy's chair.  That's because he is a soft touch.  This is prime human food place right here.  It is worth the asking price alone.

Although it is not for sale I did want to show you the entrance to my fortress of solitude where I go to get away from it all.   If you squint you can almost see the Monet.

Although this could also be a picture of a leopard's vagina.  Sometimes I get my kitty porn pictures and house pictures confused.

This is a picture of my toys.

None of them are for sale.  Just wanted to show you.  Aren't they nice,  For the right offer I might leave one behind,  But it would have to be a really good offer.

These are our stairs.  They're not so bad.,  There are two landings so you don't have a bunch to go down  
If you go up the stairs and to the left is the second landing.  This is my favorite spot.  I get sun from the sky light, which is now a snow light, and I get to look out this window to see all that is going on in my realm.

Now let's go upstairs.  You know what the best thing to do in the bedroom is.  Get on top of the bed and snuggle.  This is what is looks like from my bed.

Pretty perfect isn't it.  We're taking the bed with us.  But I'm sure you have a special one.  Everyone's bed is special.

That is where I spend my night time.  During the day I have a blanket I lay on at the foot of the bed.  This is what I see:

I admit it isn't the best view but I usually don 't face this way.  I face inside the blanket.  it looks like this.
Doesn't it look warm and snuggly?  Can't you just picture sleeping here all night long?  Now let's take a look out the front door.

This our main peeing area right now because of all the snow.  Also this is one of the rarest events you will see in nature.

 It is Pocket peeing outside.  Save this picture it will be worth something one day.  And finally, if you like recreation there is always mountain climbing.

 This is Mount Foley.  If you climb to the top you can see Russia.

So start you bidding pups.  Tell me how many kibbles you can afford and I'll see if Mommy will make a deal.

I hope this home makes you as happy as it has made us. 


  1. You definitely have a future in real estate. The humans never point out the dog-friendly features of places.

  2. You know, you actually had me. Until the kitty vjayjay. {I have no idea, I heard it once it stuck, and I got to use it now!!!} I do believe you have done a fab job of presenting the property, perhaps you your share this with your Realtor and dust off the old point of view. I did love the tour. Have you considered having an open house for the 4 leggeds? You know, set out the treat bar and the cat nip.
    Just offering ideas.

  3. Well what's not to like! You have all the curb appeal you need! Any dog would be proud to call that home!!


  4. I've seen a lot of realtor listings in my day and I think your listing is the best one yet. Why can't dogs get their realty license anyway? I think dogs do a much better job at selling homes than humans do!
    By the way, my fiance works for Prudential Verani in NH and if you need a referral for a realtor in MA he can do that for you!

  5. Wow, what an excellent tour of your house. We're sure you'll find the purrrr-fect buyer soon! We said "purrrr-fect" and we're not even CATS! But looks like your house would work for cats, too! They would love all those windows for peeking outside.

    The Road Dogs

  6. "You have all the curb appeal you need! Any dog would be proud to call that home!" agreed in full here. :)

    condo in Philippines


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