Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hannah Banana is our February 27, 2011 pup of the week

Today, February 27,  our good friend Hannah Banana took part in the third day of the International Cluster of Dogs Show.  First of all I do not know what a cluster of dogs is, never mind one from every country in the world, but that is the task our friend Hannah is facing this weekend.  And she is being very successful.

Hannah started out like gangbusters scoring 182 out of 200 and qualifying in the first leg to the title in Novice A Obendience event, finishing fourth.  That's our girl Hannah.  During the second leg on Saturday Hannah improved to the final round upping her score to 185.  If she had completed her third leg on Sunday she would have been given a Companion Dog title.  Mommy said she saw on her Mom's Facebook page that things may not have worked out as well as possible on Sunday, but that's Hannah's story to tell.  But to all of us here there is no greater companion then Hannah Banana.  

And she is our pup of the week, not just because she is a show dog, where the rest of us are no dogs ("no, don't do this, no don't do that, no, don't ever do that"), but because she took time out of her busy schedule to come to our dag park and visit.

Hannah was a huge part of our lives when we were on Doggyspace.  She was one of the dogs that seemed to be the thread that kept us all together.  When we began this site many wonderful pups from DS joined us, but we never thought a dog as brilliant and talented as Hannah Banana would be here.  But one day I put on my dog news television station and there was Hannah announcing she was taking her talents to the Tanner Brigade.   When we were on DS and there was a conversation about who owned DS a dog barked that they thought Hannah owned the site.  Oh, if only that was true.   

So,  because of her wonderful performance in Chicago where she made us all proud, for being such a great dog friend, and for making time in life for us here at the Tanner Brigade we recognize Hannah as our Pup of the Week.

Since the last word we would use to describe Hannah is selfish we are asking her to share part of this award to are other new members who have joined us from Doggyspace:  Clint, Silvie, Cassie, Samoa and Jemima, Buck, and the others who have recently graced us with their wonderful personalities  We can only hope the site lives up to their expectations.  

So here is to new friends, and the wonderful Hannah Banana, our pup of the week.


  1. Way to go Hannah Banana!

  2. Congrats to Hannah! The Dog Show in Chicago is a sight to see, so many people and dogs! Congrats to Hannah just for being able to participate in such an event. We remember Hannah very well from DS and were so surprised when we saw she joined the TB, felt like a long lost friend finally found their way back home. Way to go Hannah!

  3. Here here, Hannah, you make us proud!

  4. Hannah looks great and is obviousy very clever. Emmy is a little jealous because I said she was so pretty. She then made me look at all her pup photos and say how gorgeous she was.

  5. Congratulations to Hannah! Those ears are just perfect!