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Pepper and JuJu are our February 13, 2011 pups of the week

Recently our pups of the week Pepper and JuJu lost the must unappreciated members of our families.  The Grandma.

Our Grandmas serve the most important function of our lives.  They created our Moms.  Without our Grandmas we would be the dogs who live with the weird, lonely guy in the house surrounded by crab grass.

And they love us like they love their grandchildren:  a joy to play with, a treat to spoil, and a pleasure to leave with their children and go back home to their quiet house.

Grandmas and puppies have a trait in common regarding our relationships with our Moms and their daughters:  we leave first.  No grandma should ever have to face the horror of losing their child, and no pup should experience the loneliness of losing their Mom.  So that's the deal we and grandparents have with our Moms:  we go first.

But that doesn't make it any easier on our Moms.  This week Pepper and JuJu lost their grandmother, as have so many other pups recently, and this weeks recognition of Pepper and Juju is for all the pups who have lost their grandmothers in the last year, including your two favorite pups Foley and Pocket.

Pepper and JuJu fulfilled their roles as pups during the following days.  When a Mom loses their Mom it's up to us dog to sit nearby, put our paws on their hands, softly lick them, climb up to lick off those tears, and to show our Moms, that, while we can never fill the whole in their hearts caused by the loss of their Mom, we can try to heal the pain with 1,000 kisses.

This was harder on their Mom because she had to leave her beloved pups to go back east for the funeral.  Oh to have a heartbroken Mom and have to wait for her return to heal her.  But when she returned home her two little lovelies were there ready to help and heal.

And then move.  There is a lot of stress that goes along with moving.  We understand that as we are trying to move now.  Everything gets packed up, our toys disappear, there is a lot of stress, and then there is a new house to get used to, new places to mark.

So there is a lot of stress in the house of Pepper and JuJu now but they are up for the challenge ready to do whatever their Mom needs to help her through the hard times.

So here is to Pepper and Juju our Pups of the Week, to our grandmoms everywhere, and to our precious Moms.  As Luca and Junior said so simply in their group name:  Mom's We Love You


  1. We lost our Grandma (the humans' Mum) last year. Christmas has just given birth to five puppies just five days earlier when Grandma left. Grandma was taken back to her hometown for burial. Minnie and I (Santa) were left boarding at a petshop and Christmas and her newborn pups had to travel back with the humans so that they can keep an eye on them. I guess the humans missed Grandma a whole lot!!

  2. Hi, it is Emmy from Dogs in Brazil. We want to know if you have the stylish blogger award? we can't see it on your site.

  3. Hi I have just posted our award announcement and I need your e mail address to send the little badge to you. You have to divulge 7 facts about yourselves not mentioned on the blog. I told them how I hate it one mom cuts my toe nails. I do everything to make it difficult for her. Then you have to mention who gave you the award and then pass it on to three or more people. Mom is reading me loads of blogs so I can decide who the next two should be.


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