Saturday, July 9, 2011

Daddy's Arms: A Song from Bo

I will leave behind all of my toys
I played with when I was with you
All I
need's your endless love
And my well worn collar
As I say goodbye in Daddy's
Although my heart is breaking
My soul will steal away through your
And leave behind the pain that was aching

The late day light has washed your face
And everything is turning blue now

Hold on to your couch pillow there's nothing you can do now
As I say goodbye in
Daddys's arms
You'll find another heart dog
And I swear to god by Christmas Day,

There'll be someone else to snuggle you.

The only thing I'm taking is the love that all you gave me
I'll float
past your chest of drawers
And your broken window chimes
As I say goodbye
I'll say goodbye, say goodbye in Daddy's arms.
I'll spirit my way down the darken hall
And out into the evening
The greyhounds
at Rainbow Bridge
Have kept their fires burning
No more hurrying through the rain

Letting go of this god damn pain
Someday I will lick your lips again,

And never break your heart again
As i say goodbye I'll say goodbye
Say goodbye in Daddy's

Based on "Ruby's Arms" written by Tom Waits.  This picture is of Bo and his Grandpa who was waiting for him at The Bridge


  1. Tears flowing from my eyes. heavy heart knowing what's coming in my house, take care friend.

  2. So sad! I had another Dorkie, Tucker, who died in my arms. Ill never forget seeing the light leave his eyes. At least I know he knew I had him in my arms in those last moments.

  3. Bawling again...oh Bo, enjoy the Bridge buddy. It will seem like no time at all until your Mom and Dad join you and you cross the bridge together

  4. My Kody, My Kamiko, My Cleo, never forgotten always beloved, always in my heart.


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