Monday, July 25, 2011

TWIB: This week in blogging. A round up of blogs we follow

This week Silvie of silvieon4 reported on the adoption of Libby, a puppy mill breeding female who is emotionally scarred  Her adoption had all of us doing the dance of joy.    I found out Pocket can't dance as she repeatedly tripped me.  Silvie and I should be on Dancing With the Stars. 

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog reported that Ozzy Osborne and his wife Sharon got a rescue Yorkie for the dirt cheap price of $10,000.  The money went to an autism charity held by Sharon Osborne's co-star Holly Robinson Peete.  Their other costar from "The Talk" Lisa Remini bit a postman on the leg at the bar. 

Wyatt from the Gardening With Wyatt blog went to a dog show and came back with some marvelous pictures of pups. 

Our good friend Nadine, who is mother to Buttons at the Bridge, gives us a list of three popular household items that may be dangerous to all pups. 

My good friend Kirby the Dorkie gave us a list of puppy do and don'ts.  This was especially cool because it was only for humans.  As always us pups can do what we want when we want because that's how we roll.

The Dogs in Brazil are still in desperate need of help.  They are losing their home and their shelter and so many dogs they are helping are going to go without aid.  With NFL training camp opening Pocket and I are scheming to kidnap Tom Brady so his model wife from Brazil Giselle Budchen will pay up and we will give it to our South American friends.  Kidnapping a grown man might be tough but if there are any two Yorkies who can do it.....well, we'll give it a shot.  If you have any spare change any little bit will help. 

A little low on cash and your pup is demanding new toys?  Check our Peggy's Pet Place to see how to make your own toys.

Love and a six foot leash shows you the best way to beat the heat is to find a nice spot in the shade and our blogger friend posts pictures of hot dogs enjoying shady spots

ATTENTION:  Our good friend Koli had to get rushed to the vet for labored breathing.  He is OK but might have allergies.  While Koli always writes a blog worth reading, with wonderful treats and great nutritional advice, this one concerns the health of our dear friend.  Let's all keep a good thought in our heads for Koli.  You can read about it here. 

Hey, do you want to see some Yorkie pictures of a dog almost as cute as me?  Check out My life in the dog lane and these cute pictures of Abby.

If you want to know how to create your own dog sympathy card for a Mom or Dad who lost a piece of their heart, check out the TaggerPaws Blog

Minnie and Mack find a poor pup locked in a car on a hot summer day and do the right thing. 

The Gang of New Yorkie upstage the "Rent is too damn high" guy by forming the "It is too Damn Hot" party.  But these clever New York Yorkies have a way to beat the heat

The Carny Dog Blog has the sad story of a dog named Diesel.  It is only the first part of the story and we hope Diesel's future becomes rosier in the second part. 

As always you should check Shiloh's K9 Horoscopes before you make a move. 

And finally, our friend Ashley Hill Owen of the Lucky Dog Rescue spends a night rescuing the beers from a local bar.  Of course Koli's Mom Aunt Jodi had a hand in corrupting the poor girl.  You can't expect a young girl from Mississippi to be able to have a dialogue about beer with a Canadian teen pop star.  While you're there check out the Pet Pardons Button and like the Lucky Dog Rescue on Facebook.

If we missed your blog this week we will keep our eyes peeled for it next week.


  1. What a great week and rescuing beers from a bar, hmmmm
    Benny & Lily

  2. I love it! What a great idea. Thanks so much for including us. I am feeling quite a bit better today after visiting the Homeopath. Oh, and the Mama maintains that Miss Ashley *totally* corrupted her, NOT the other way around. We are excited to check out all the links!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you for catching me up! We have been all upside down here. Momma and the shingles [still have no clue why the roof is making her sick], daddy is getting sworn in Friday... I am worried about him, he now has an ugly black dress... that he paraded with pride.. [I am NOT going there]... and there has been a flurry of activity with my human siblings. This was a good way to catch me up so I can make time to go there and read up.

    Thank you!!


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