Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kolchak and Felix are our July 3, 2011 pups of the Week

Last week I said that we don't tell the ones we love how much they mean to us until something happens to them.  So let's not do that with two of the best friends a dog could have.  For no other reason then that they are the funniest, most helpful, smartest, sweetest dogs we know, Felix and Kolchak are our pups of the week.

These two do so many little things to help us.  Like this week our friends Scooter and Molly had stinky booger breath.  First I thank the Heavenly Dogs that this week our biggest problems was booger breath.  Scooter and Molly posted a blog asking if anyone had experienced something like this.  I knew exactly what to do.  Stop asking idiots like Pocket and me and ask someone who knows.  That would be Kolchak and Felix.  Within minutes of posting the question for them Koli and Felix had the answer ("could be having a little tummy upset or indigestion. Try a heaping teaspoon of pro-biotic yogurt mixed with a heaping tablespoon of canned pumpkin or mashed sweet potato with meals for three days. If the smell doesn't improve or if it comes back after you stop the probiotics and fibre let us know and we can look at other stuff OK!")

I mean who knows these things? Well Aunt Jodi, their precious Mom, is studying puppy nutrition.  When Mommy and Daddy were young puppy nutrition consisted of opening a can of Alpo, turning their heads from the awful smell, poking a knife down the side of the can, having it slide out like an elephants bowel movement, chopping it up, bringing it outside, feeding it to your dog, and four hours later go out to find a huge, hideous dump of refuse.  But now, thanks to Aunt Jodi people spend more time worrying about what they put in our bodies then what they put in their own, which is good because humans eat some truly disgusting crap.  You dogs know what I mean. The stuff that falls on the floor, you look at it, and decide to lick a dust bunny instead.

Aunt Jodi helped us today without even knowing it.  I became tired of our dog food.  There is no doubt that I am a high performing dog and I need a high performance dog food.  We checked Sage's health group on Tanner Brigade and Kolchak's Koli's Notes blog and found our answer:  Evo. (Koli, if we are wrong, please give us a week before telling is.)  Daddy did a search for Evo retailers and found a garden store near us.  Mommy and Daddy drove there.  Not only did they find the food, but some bird feeders to finish the garden, and deer antlers, which we learned from Koli were excellent chew toys because they don't break off into little bits.  This was an early birthday gift for me and  loved it.
I chewed on it for two hours and there wasn't a bit of broken of antler to be ingested.  So, without a phone call, e-mail, text or instant message Koli and Feli got us better food, a great birthday present, and helped feed innocent little birds.

We could go on for thousands of words about everything these two have done:  Through their blog they have taught us so much about food and health; they have taught us all incredible recipes that fill our tummy with yummy; they make us laugh with every blog they publish; they post blogs to rescue puppies; they use birthday celebrations to have contests and raise awareness of their causes and they always have a paw to cry on.  When the lovely Hattie Mae sent me some birthday treats she sent me delicious cookies made from one of Koli's recipes.  Again, helping without even knowing they are helping.

They are there for even the most disgusting problems.  When I decided to eat a wax ear plug (not as yummy as deer antler) and my poo was filled with long, thick, sticky white stuff Mommy sent Aunt Jodi pictures and she looked at my disgusting but sound proof poo and helped Mommy diagnose the problem.  No matter how busy she is she can always find time to help a friend who has done something silly like eating an ear plug. 

When they started their blog Kol's Notes it became an instant hit and they gathered dozens of loyal followers.  When I invited bloggers to the Brigade we got a few responses but when Kolchak and Felix reprinted the blog new members flocked in.

So for all these reasons, and because it is the Fourth of July and they are great Americans *hold on I have been handed a note from Pocket.  They are Canadian?  Really?  Oh well we can't do the whole blog over again, just remember to edit this part out.*

So for all these reasons, and because it was just Canadian Day and they are great Canadians, we are giving them our July 3, 2011 pup of the week.


  1. **Wipes away the tears** We love you guys SO MUCH. We thank our lucky stars for the day we met you guys, thank them again for bringing us to the Tanner Brigade and then once more just to make sure the stars know we appreciate it. It is our privilege to be a part of such a wonderful group - and absolutely our pleasure to be your friend. Without all the TB love and encouragement, we might never even have gone back to school. You guys are **awesome**. We could go all the way to the stars and not end up with great friends like you. (Plus - you make one attractive poop. Everything about you is fabulous. *literally* Thank you so much.

  2. Koli & Felix, we love you! Mom needs to get on your blog more often and this is a great reminder for us to do just that. We'll never forget all the recipes you used to put on that other unmentionable site and we think it is so great that your mom is studying nutrition for us doggies. Love, Blazer


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