Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hurricane and Earthquake Dogs are our August 28, 2011 pups of the week

This one is for all the northeast coast lollipops and big boys who had to survive two made for TV movies:  "Holy Seismograph - The Great Northeast Earthquake" and "The Hurricane that blew New York" this week.  This includes both Me and Pocket, Hattie Mae, Smartie, Fella, Jackie Lynn, Nigel, Mollie, Pokey, Maggie, Willie Nillie and Jesse Belle and all other east coast dogs who had the earth move under their feet and then nearly blown away by a mighty wet, wild wind known as Irene.

And let us not end our praise here.  For we must remember those who did not get shook or blown, those who could only sit and fret, those away from the storm, subject to listening to the increasingly alarming predictions of doom from our national news agency.  The messages we received of support were enough to lift us up so we could surf over the air currents and stay as safe as the birds.  Truthfully, I don't know about the other Hurricane Pups, but we did not go air surfing, we rode out the storm under the covers in our bed.  Nothing bad happens to us under the bed covers except for bodily functions.   If they are ours then we just roll out of the wet spot.  If it belongs to a fellow bed dweller than that is what the top of the covers are for.

We all got whacked by Irene at different times.  I think that Hattie, Nigel and Mollie got hit earlier in the day.  Willie Nillie and Jesse Belle later in the day, and Maggie and Pokey, along with us Yorkie sisters, late at night.  I don't know which was worse.  Being able to see the wind and the rain, the branches snapping, the water pounding; or to be in the dark, hearing the wind howl and whip around the house like a beast tied to the porch, shaking the building with every lunge.

Mollie lost electricity, television, Internet, all communication to the outside world.  And on her birthday!  What a terrible way to spend your birthday when all the rest of your friends are mad partying. Nigel's family were evacuated from their home and and stayed with a 92 year old Aunt.  They were able to return to their home after the hurricane with no ill effects from the storm.  We are still waiting to hear if they had ill effects from Hurricane 92 year old Aunt.   Hattie Mae kept her electricity and power because she is such an important dog they tripled up on the wiring to keep her going.  Not even the National Grid wants to face off against Hattie Mae.

It also spared Willie Nillie and Jesse Belle.  While neighbors around them got their street flooded and downed power lines they came through unscathed.  Then Irene turned her eye towards me and Pocket, and Pokey and Maggie.  When we went to bed it was raining  little and windy.  We woke up in the dark with the wind howling, the rain pounding, and our little hearts beating.  Daddy got up and I heard him shut the front door.  Oh, what was crazy nut job doing?

But he was just bringing in a couple of plants that blew over.  They woke up when the alarm went off at 9:00 AM but Daddy looked at the rain slamming down and the wind bending every living thing and decided to snuggle with us in bed a while longer.  At 10:30 they put on the TV to see what was happening with the storm.   The weatherman was blubbering on for a few minutes and then the power went out.  With an electric stove and electric hot water heater they both said they should have got out of bed earlier.  Blasphemy! 

But we did get up.  Daddy got his phone and I lay on the floor with him while he tossed the ball for the oblivious Pocket.   We were able to tap out a blog for our friends and check on their fates to see that everyone had survived.  A little while later the lights came back on but we did not get our cable and Internet back until 10:00 at night because a huge tree just north of our park entrance crashed down on th lines. 

I was very upset because I couldn't do pup of the week, beat this caption, or question of the week.  Mommy told me I could do them all on Monday.  But Monday is my lie in the sun after working hard on Sunday day.  Man this Hurricane wrecked my whole schedule.

This week pups of the weeks are those who have been both shaken and stirred and then many, many pups who cared and prayed for us,, and the angles at the Bridge who kept the worst of the storm away from us.

Thank you all.


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