Sunday, June 24, 2012

Max is our June 24, 2012 Pup of the Week

I always get sad when my friends go to the Bridge.  I feel bad for them, knowing they will miss their humans, and their friends, and I feel bad for me.  Because when friends go to the Bridge it can be too painful for their Moms or Dads to revisit their page and talk with their friends, so we lose contact with the entire family.  So I am always excited when the parents who lost their pup are chosen by a new one.

One of my best friend was sweet Ladybug.  When she was taken away from me to the Bridge I lost contact with her and her family and this made me very sad.  Ladybug’s parents never did get a new pup but they did have one thrust upon them when their human daughter moved in with them with a pup named Max.

Max soon started social networking and what a fine chap he turned out to be  Not only did we get to meet Max but we began to hear from Ladybug as well, and, when Mollie went to the Bridge Ladybug left the most lovely post.  You can read it here.

“Keep coming Mollie... I know the steps are sooooooo LONG TO THE RAINBOW BRIDGE... I made them with a little help from a friend.... There... didn't I tell you.... now look at you... WOW.... the guys up here will go crazy for you... and let me tell ya... I know.....Here.. let me help you that last step... Oh Mollie... Please don't feel bad... I know... I cried too... I hated to leave my Mom & Dad.... It was so hard...... Here..... take my paw and I will show you around... Mollie looks around with awe!!!! " I didn't realize that it would be so beautiful".. Oh my Gosh, she explains... and look at all the lakes, rainbows and mountains.....Hey I think I know some of my friends here.... Mollie waves.... and everyone looks and waves back.. they are so happy she made it up those LONG STEPS..... but they know how sad... the many tears and the heartache that has been left at her earthly home and so many friends there...Angel Ladybug is showing her to where there has been a wonderful feast for her arrival.... She tells Mollie that she will be stuffed when leaving the buffet this evening.... Oh... and I must tell you Mollie... I will be the one to teach you how to fly with your new wings..... They trot together down Rainbow Ave. to where Mollie will be fitted with her beautiful wings this evening... Lets see... Ladybug exclaims.. we have to get just the right fit..... "WINGS for US" is the best store to be fitted.... but some of Ladybugs friends roll their eye's as to whether or not SHE is the Best one to teach Mollie how to fly....Ladybug assures her that all will be well and that when she tells her to turn RIGHT... well...... sometimes she means LEFT!!!!

ANGEL LADYBUG knows how much Mollie is missing her Mom & Dad..... But they trot off down the street after she has been fitted for the LOVELY WINGS, meeting many that have gone before her.. they greet each other with much wagging of tails and sniffing of noses... and in the air.... is the fine smell of "Roast something or another" and Mollie knows that she is at THE RAINBOW BRIDGE where there is LOVE, BELLY RUBS, PATS on her head and she is healthy again... and there is LOVE IN THE AIR TOO....”

Now Max has problems with his boy’s bits.  When he peed. like Lebron James, he would both dribble and lick himself.  I guess this is quite a concern for boys.  Max was also giving clues that his pepe hurt, like pointing at it with his paw and saying OHHHH  MY PEPE HURTS.  His grandmom called the doctor who said Max should be seen right away and they scheduled him for the next morning.  

When he got to the vet they flipped him over like a carp ready to be gutted and there was a small red marble thingy on top of the red rocket.  The vet talked to Max’s grandmom like Max wasn’t even in the room.   I hate when humans do that.  Hello.  
We’re right here.  They said this little marble thing had to be removed from his most precious boy parts and sent it away for someone to analyze it.

Then they stuck a catheter into him.   Those are actually called Foley catheters.  I invented them a joke to stick it, literally, to our Daddies.  I never thought my evil genius would come back to hound my friends, hounds and non.  So sorry about that one big guy.  I guess that’s one on me, and on you.

On Friday the doctors removed the one on him.  In the morning Max was brought into the vet with his stuffed hedgehog.  I used to have a stuffed hedgehog.  To get me to play with it my parents would move it around the ground going ho hedgehog, ho hedgehog, ho hedgehog, ho.  I am in therapy.  But at least therapy is better than someone poking in our privates.  

Max’s only company was a Spanish pup who told Max that he would not feel anything until he woke up, which was not the most comforting words, because who feels things in their sleep?    

Max came through the surgery fine.   He was sent home with the cone of shame but his Grandmom took it off to help him rest.   His friends sent get better messages and a very welcome message about an inflatable cone of shame.

Now we all  must gather together and pray that the doctors come back with our favorite bingo call “B9.”  If not then there will be more tests and more operations and more who knows what.  We are due some good news and let’s hope that the good news finds it way to sweet Max.  Having just got back in touch with Ladybug, Max, and their wonderful parents I would hate for there to be radio silence again.

As you can tell from Ladybug’s comments their typists certainly know how to write what is in the heart of a pup.  We love you Ladybug, and we love Max, and we don’t ever want to lose touch with you again.  So let’s all pray that your test come back B9.

And I promise I will never stick anything up your man parts again.

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  1. Welcome Max and our paws are crossed for B9 too. Have a good day!
    Best wishes Molly


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