Sunday, September 9, 2012

Molly Mae is our September 9, 2012 Pup of the Week

This is one of the dog secrets that we don’t like to share with everyone.  When we walk in a human’s front door for the first time we are the most charming beings you can ever meet.  We know, in those first 24 hours, if we don’t screw this up, we are here forever.  We’re like a nervous frat pledge with a pretty girl, if we show nothing but our charming side, and keep buying drinks, we’re in.  Once we are in we can eat couches, pee, do all sorts of terrible things that frat pledges normally do, because when we’re in our parents don’t have the heart to send us out.

But sometimes being in that home isn’t the best thing for us.  Since all Moms are defenseless to our charm offensive, even when they know that finding another home for us is necessary, it still is a heartbreaking decision to decide we have to leave the home where we made everyone fall in love with us.

This was the decision that plagued our Aunt Trudee.  You all know Aunt Trudee.  Some of you know her as Tanner Bub’s Mom.  Others as Cocoa’ Puff’s Mom.  Some others as Angel Ruger’s. Maxx’s, or Molly Mayhem’s Mom.  We are here today to talk about what happened with Molly Mayhem.  

Molly came into Aunt Trudee’s life when she was on death row.  No one was stepping up to provide a home for Molly so Aunt Trudee did, except there was one slight problem, she already owned Max and Cocoa Puff.  There is a law in the land that Aunt Trudee lives in that you cannot be owned by more than two dogs.  But Aunt Trudee is a rebel who believes in agitating authority (I don’t know she got that from) and she decided saving Molly was worth the risk.  

Not that there weren’t problems.  Maggie was a runner and she was good at escaping scaring her Mom several times.   There was some fighting over Mom’s lap, a Dad who wasn’t really happy with three dogs in the house, and the constant fear that someone would report the extra pup and one of them would be sent to the pound.  Maggie also had enough energy to light up the entire house.  She had two modes, plays and snuggle, and Max and Cocoa couldn’t keep up with Maggie playing, and no one had enough laps for all three dogs.  Aunt Trudee started to realize that Maggie needed to be an only dog who had kids to play with.

The she talked to a friend whose family had just lost their pets recently.  They had two boys who longed for a young dog (Molly’s vet thought she was about two years old) who could keep up with and play with two young boys.   Aunt Trudee saw the family who needed a young energetic dog, and Molly, a young energetic dog in need of a family to play with, and she knew, while she had to make the heartbreaking decision, to see if the new family would give Maggie Mayhem a better home.

I will borrow from Aunt Trudee’s blog when she explained what happened when Maggie met the family.  “The family came up to meet Molly just last Friday. Instant love, no other explanation fits.
The faces. The adoration. It was so mutual. Can't begin to tell you. (she even found new snuggle kitties, hehe) Here's a couple of updates from the family from those first 2 days: "The boys adore her. She is so completely wonderful with a kind, loving & pure soul. We are so grateful to have her" and "She is doing great. She snuggled on the cats last night. It's like it was all meant to be".

Sometimes we walk in the door and it is forever home, and sometimes it is our temporary home, and it’s up to the Mom who lives in the house to make that decision, and then to make the right decision.  So we know Aunt Trudee misses Maggie and her heart aches, but she did what was best for Maggie, and she is a true great pup Mom.

I know you will thrive in your new home Maggie.  And you will never be forgotten but all those who love you.  


  1. What a nice little story. We didn't know how to put your FB post on our timeline as we are getting use to it. However we will see you there when you are there. Have a really lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly