Friday, September 21, 2012

The Return of Orkie the Yorkie

Yesterday Daddy took us outside to the back gardens to do our business.  When we came back in Pocket went barking mad.  She was yapping her head off.  We looked through the screen door on the other side of the porch and there he was, Orkie the Yorkie.

“What are you doing here Orkie?” I asked, because he was sans leash and sans owner

“I just ran out the door! Pant.  Pant.”  The excited little fellow said. “Mommy yelled at me to stop but I just kept running.  Pant.  Pant.”

“Oh Orkie, you have to stop running away from home,” I said.  “You turn right around and get back.”  But Pocket was standing with her paws on one side of the screen door with the broken latch, Orkie and the other, while I was barking for him to go home.  Daddy, concerned that Pocket was going to get outside, and that Orkie was going to run of into the street,  simply became overwhelmed.

He yelled “Sweety,” in a loud voice because he wanted Mommy to take us.  From the bathroom she yelled “Whatdayawant?”  

“Come here!” he yelled and she came out and saw Orkie trying to break into house.  
“Oh, he escaped again.” Mommy said.  Daddy picked us up and handed us to  

Pocket kept barking at Orkie “Our house, our house, our house, our house.”  She is very territorial.  I kept telling Orkie to go home.  Daddy took Pocket’s leash outside.  Orkie stood on his back legs begging Daddy to give him a tour of the legendary Foley Monster leopard skin vagina kitty condo but Daddy just leashed him and began to walk him towards his house.

He only got a few steps down the road when he saw Orkie’s Mom in a car slowly driving down the road.  Daddy picked Orkie up and told the woman that he believed he had something of hers.  He offered to walk Orkie home but the woman said she would take him in the car.  She told Daddy that it was the second time Orkie had got out today and she was thinking about selling him but she didn’t sound like she really meantvto, just a threat to try to keep him in line.  Daddy kindly tried to tell her that, since she has a porch like we do, not to allow Orkie on the porch so he can’t run out when the door opens but after Daddy said it Orkie’s ears perked up because there was a whistling sound coming from her ears.

She put the car in reverse and began to back up leaving Daddy with an empty leash.  But that was OK.  As long as the humans drive their cars slowly here, and are aware of a star struck Yorkie escape artist, then we should be seeing Orkie soon.


  1. Naughty Orkie. Obviously he wants to move in with you. Have a great Saturday filled with sun and fun.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. sounds like that Orkie is lonely and is looking for playmates... I think you will be seeing more of her.