Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toby is our September 23, 2012 Pup of the Week

Some weeks picking a pup to honor is difficult because it’s a friend that we lost or is sick, or we have to give it some thought, and thinking gets in the way of napping.  But this week was easier than getting four runs off the Red Sox bullpen in the late innings.  It was a dog that just last week we hadn’t met yet and didn’t have a name.  But now all we have to say is Toby.

Toby won the Mom and Pack lottery when he went from being a homeless little pup in a shelter in North Carolina to a member of the Lunn Family with Pokey and Maggie.

Their Mom is one of the great Mom warriors.  She rescues pups, she drives long distances to transport saved pups, she gives countless hours to our cause and she has rescued four pups that we know of starting with Pokey.  Her second attempt at rescuing turned tragic when the dog turned on her and removed a large chunk of her arm.   It left her unable to work, in severe pain, and in need of several operations that covered several months.  No one would blame Pokey’s Mom is if she never rescued another pup.  But first she rescued Maggie, and now Toby.

Waiting for a rescue to arrive at your house is as stressful as waiting for a pup to arrive from what are called my forbidden frozen zones.  Both ways to get a pup are in the Lord’s hands.  There are plenty of people who are involved in getting a rescue to your home while the only humans who like to watch puppies coming out of the frozen zone are sickos!  

Pokey’s Mom had to go through so many tests to make sure she was qualified to raise Toby.  Now I am all for this.  I mean we dogs are the master mammals and there should be tests to make sure people can take care of us.  We aren’t human babies for heaven sakes, which any two idiots can make.  (I saw how in a movie Daddy was watching when Mommy was away.  Sickos.)

But the waiting is for approval is so stressful.  Then they start the transport. I have the highest regards for the humans who do transports.  Pokey’s Mom is one herself.  But since I have received my high rise sherap car seat I have seen the way non pup carrying drivers drive and holy Vick.  No wonder we worry so much we out humans leave us.  Everyone is either speeding past us or in the way.  It’s amazing anyone ever gets anywhere.  

But the wonderful people got Toby home safely.  His name wasn’t Toby when was in transport.  We had a contest to name Toby.  But in the end Pokey’s Mom named him Toby from a suggestion of a off line friend.  (I know, who isn’t online? but we will let is pass because she’s a wonderful Mom.)  When he arrived home she christened him Toby (no truth in the rumor she broke a champagne bottle over his head when she christened him.

Now we must recognize the two wonderful pups who welcomed him, Maggie and Pokey.  Pokey has been with his Mom the longest and he is such a gentleman.  When I went to visit him he was very accommodating and quite sweet.  He has welcomed many pups in his homes, some to visit and some to live and he has always accepted them into his pack.   
This was the first dog that Maggie had to welcome into the pack and she followed the wonderful example set by Pokey and helped make Toby one of the family.  She even accepted Toby taking over her old duty of following their Mom wherever she went.  Now he is a true member of the Lunn Pack enjoying the porch, his fenced in backyard, and his wonderful family
Pokey’s Mom has had more than her share of health issues that still seem to linger and she could use some prayers to help her heal.  She is truly a wonderful woman, and she had helped us meet Toby who has become one of our closest friends.  On Sundays I like to honor friends and I am so excited to be recognizing a friend who has his future days ahead of him.
Without Pokey’s wonderful Mom who knows what would have happened to Toby.  But now he is loved by hundreds of online friends, and he, his pack, and his Mom, are the luckiest mammals in the world.


  1. Nice one! Have a wonderful Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm glad Toby has a good home now!


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