Friday, January 31, 2014

Pocket and the Big Mattress

There are certain household matters that dogs should definitely have a say in.  One of these is the bed.  Us dogs sleep 16 hours a day.  Bed is very important to us.  Any change in the sleeping arrangements should be run past us.  Which is why I was stunned to learn Mommy and Daddy bought a new mattress without consulting me.

I sleep in the big bed with my parents.  I like the bottom of the bed, under the covers.  I have spent years scratching at the mattress, adjusting the fluff, to make the perfect spot for my little body.  I fully expected the spend the rest of my days on the spot that fit my body.

But this week, with no announcement nor warning, Mommy and Daddy bought a new mattress.  After the purchase I heard them discussing the matter, but, like most things they say, I ignored them.  A few days later I heard a big truck pull up outside.  River and I were lock in the front bedroom.

We heard multiple footsteps in and out, in and out, while we stood behind the door and barked.  There were humans with unidentifiable scents, and we could smell our beloved mattress come closer, and then fade away, and something else come in, with the dreaded smell of new.

Things were lifted, shuffled, placed and replaced, and then more footsteps leaving our house.  Finally the door was opened and we ran towards the dreaded new smell. It was as we feared, our beloved mattress was gone, and was replaced with a big gleaming white cube.  River sniffed, sniffed some more, turn to me and said “foam!”

Foam!  Mattresses are supposed to be made of springs and latex and feathers and lumps.  What have they gone and done?  And worse, we weren’t supposed to get on it until nighttime.  What good is having a strange object that you never wanted in the house that replaced something you really liked and never wanted to get rid of if you can’t lie down on it?  The entire thing was a big gyp.

When we got on it at night I was not sure about it.  All my spots were gone.  When I lay down it did make a little curve where my body was.  But when I moved the spot was gone. I spent a long time wandering around looking for my spot.  Meanwhile River stayed at the top of the bed.  She is less particular than I am.  She doesn’t want a spot, she just wants to sleep against a human’s back.

It took me a few days to adjust to the new mattress.  I guess it’s all right.  It is comfortable.  And I think it’s better for Mommy’s back.  Whatever is better for Mommy is OK with me.

I am angered about what happened to the old mattress. Foley has it.  And her and her friends have been sledding down and gliding over all the lumps and bumps we spent years putting there.  Even at the Bridge Foley gets all the good things.

Hope she enjoys my bumps.


  1. We HATE when our furniture gets changed without OUR approval! Well, start making your little spot again.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Oh how cruel to get rid of your beloved mattress. That is just the kind of thing they would do here and likewise finding the right spot is a nightmare. Peeps can be so selfish. Have a super springy Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. There really should be a law that dogs are consulted whenever any change is made in the home they share with humans. It takes dogs longer to adjust to change. Especially when they are not allowed to pee on it.

  4. It must be a thing with pawrents--ours never said anything to us either when they replaced our mattress. Well, at least you know the old mattress is being enjoyed by Foley Monster.

  5. I find if you walk in circles a whole lot it makes for a more comfortable spot when you finally lay down BOL Good luck, Friends!


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