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Jake the Trailblazer is our January 26, 2014 Pup of the Week

A short while back I wrote about Jake.  He was picked by Amber, after she went to the Bridge, to help her Mom through Amber’s passing, and build new love in her Mom’s heart.  Jake came with both and aggression and health issues.  It was a struggle, but through that struggle Jake and his Mom found love and new memories.

We thought Jake had provided us with enough inspiration, but this week he took a chance for all of us and endured strenuous testing to prove that a long denied promised land could finally become available to us.

The world of chocolate.
On Thursday Jake took it upon himself to disprove the theory put forth by big chocolate and big assed humans, that chocolate is bad for dogs, by eating a dozen cookies his Mom had made with baker’s chocolate.

His Mom came home to find the crumbs, a guilty look on Jake’s face, and his Dad watching an SVU marathon not because he thinks Mariska Hargitay is hot but because he enjoys Ice T’s line reading.  She took to the Human Book for advice on what she should do after Jake had ingested the “poisonous” treats.

Jake’s Mom gave the pertinent facts:  He weighed 25 pounds and the vet’s office was closed.  Soon ideas abounded, and concerned posts slammed the Internet.  The consensus was that Jake should be forcefully given peroxide to induce vomiting.  Of course this was the human’s advice, the same humans who have been hoarding chocolate from us for years.  His Mom gave him the peroxide.  

Then the Human Book people told Jake’s Mom to get ready for the puking, that there would be a rumbling in his stomach and then a great deal of puking.  The entire Internet was waiting.  Jake burped, drank some water, played for awhile, Advice came in to give Jake another dose.  His Mom held off.  Jake burped again and took a nap.

The next day he got up, ate, took his normal poops, and looked for more chocolate.  Looking down on him I realized he had proved the humans wrong.   We can eat chocolate!  Jake risked his life to open the door for the rest of us to eat chocolate to our hearts delight.

I would suggest trying a small amount first to make sure you don’t get sick, but I see a day when we will be eating chocolate with every meal and Jake will be remembered as the Rosa Parks of dogs.

Of course it is going to be a long struggle.  Humans want to keep the chocolate for themselves and continue the myth that it is bad for us, but thanks to Jake, and the huge risk he took for us, we shall overcome.


  1. "The Rosa Parks of dogs" BOL! Great description though.

    SHE had a dog that used to eat chocolate all the time--that was before SHE heard that chocolate was bad. That dog lived a long life. She didn't eat chocolate ALL the time, but occasionally.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  2. Big sigh, we are not allowed chocolate just the fake dog friendly stuff which is horrid. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi, This is Angel Morgan, and I have to differ with this theory. I still have heavenmares (those are nightmares one has in heaven) about having my tummy pumped by the er vet when I unzipped a suitcase and ate 2 frosted cupcakes. I never touched the stuff after that. Maybe the difference was I was only 6 lbs versus Jakie's 25 lbs. and these were all chocolate. So peeps, I advise restraint when having this desire. I know I was looking forward to meeting Jake but my Mom and Jackson, who knew him, are happy he has a cast iron tummy. Mom still thinks he shared them with Charlie:)!

  4. Thank you Jake---we're going now to give mom "the look" for some chocolate!


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