Friday, January 24, 2014

Foley's Best Worst Christmas Ever

I didn’t know what to expect on my first Christmas at Rainbow Bridge.   When I was a wee pup Christmas was at our house and all my human brothers and sisters, and later their spouses and children, would come to our house.  But, as we started to grow older, Mommy and Daddy would go to their houses, and, after us pups exchanged gifts with our parents in the morning, it was mostly a crated experience  the rest of the day.

I was always bothered by this.  I love all my grandbabies and nothing made my heart more joyful than to see them ripping open their presents, sharing them with one another, and spreading Christmas magic to everyone around.  I don’t know why I wasn’t allowed to go when the gift opening moved from Mommy’s house.  I would have just sat on her lap and watched.  I am not a pee pee and boom boom machine like Pocket.  But that’s all water under Rainbow Bridge now.

This year I got to watch in the River of Life everything I would have missed on Earth.  First, I got to see Mommy have a mini melt down as the clock ticked down and she realized that she would not get the presents wrapped and food cooked in time to leave. Actually, this was something I saw every year, and was glad to pass on the tension.

Then, as Mommy tried to get ready, and the clock passed leaving time, Daddy began to pack the car filled with presents for their nine grandchildren.  With Mommy having bought eight gifts for each child that meant Daddy had to squeeze 72 gifts into a 2006 Honda Hybred.   I must admit it took a little Foley magic to get that done.

Mommy made it to our human brother’s house, only dropping her cupcakes twice, and then she was swarmed by her grandchildren, who ran to her like she was Mickey Mouse holding busted cupcakes.  Meanwhile Daddy made 36 trips back and forth to the car getting all the gifts out

Then there was eating, drinking, and talking, totally boring stuff.  I whisked down to whisper in Grandbaby Emily’s ear that she ask when it was time to open the presents, but I don’t think she needed my whisking to ask.  After several whisks and asks it was time for the present terrorizing to begin.

And it was.  My oldest human sister Kim took over the passing out of gifts, which she soon regretted, as she was swamped by nine gift deprived children who attacked her like she was Michonne and had just walked into a zombie classroom with fresh brains.

And that’s when I realized, even on the safety of Mommy’s lap, I did not want to be there.  Too much noise, too much chaos, too much trash that a little Yorkie could get confused with and end up in one of those big green bags.  When we had Christmas at our house the children were all small, now they were big, clumsy, and overcome with Christmas joy.

Even though I missed Mommy terribly, I enjoyed all the special Christmas celebrations here at the Bridge, and I enjoyed watching the opening of presents from the safety of the Bridge more than I would have from Mommy’s lap.  I could experience it, without being hurt but it.  

Being without my Mommy and family made this my worst Christmas, but being able to see the children’s joy made it the best worst Christmas ever.


  1. That is very sweet. We missed Pip terribly this Christmas. I don't think we really enjoyed it. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm sure is was hard on everyone not having you there. Butt, it's great to know that Christmas at the Bridge was magical! We miss you and think of you often.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Foley, you are so filled with wisdom that it's scary. And the thought of you parked in one of those green bags by accident is also scary.


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