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A Pup Named Benjamin is our Pup of the Week

Although I don’t enjoy talking about it, each day, per my duties as a Judge in District A of Rainbow Bridge, I must go through the formality of swearing in dogs who have passed over from the mortal side of the River of Life to the eternal side.
Some of these dogs are happy, climbing the stairs from the Bridge cures them of everything that ailed them during their lives, and they are happy to leave the pain behind.  Others are sad about leaving their families, but, soon after being sworn in, when they meet their old pack and family members, those sad thoughts fade, the way a dream does the more you are awake.  And then there are those who are overjoyed because their Mommies, or their Daddies preceeded them across the River.

Some of the dogs were friends of mine when I frolicked on the mortal side, while others I become friendly with as we run through the giant fields, climb the mountains, or run through the quick dry puddles.  Usually the dogs I befriend after meeting for the first time at the swearing in are unknown to my Mommy, and, when I whisk down in her dreams to bring her for a short visit to the eternal side, I have to introduce them.

Which brings me to my new friend Benjamin.  A few days ago I saw this cute little beagle begin the climb.  He was quite hurt at he began his journey towards me and one of my clerks whispered to me that he had been hit by a car.  I shook my head sadly.  With each step he got better, until he arrived cured.

He was such a respectful and friendly chap I invited him back to my chambers.  He told me his name was Benjamin and he had a wonderful Mom named Rachel who he picked out be to his Mom when he was 8 weeks old.  His Mom was not able to have human children so Benjamin was her child.  He lived with his Mom like I did with mine, like peas and carrots, which no one can separate.  Their favorite activity was watching the sunrise together.

And then, after many happy years together, Benjamin knew his song was ending.  So he did what all Angels do, he looked for somepup to take care of his Mom, and found a precious pup named Bella.  Although she didn’t know why (no Moms under their pup’s influence do) she adopted Bella.  Shortly after that Benjamin was taken to the vets as the reason for his song ending was revealed:  He had cancer.

Three weeks later the Angels came to take Benjamin.  He said he didn’t want to go, but he was told each pup is only given so many heart beats and he had used his up.  Knowing it was time to go, and not wanting to cost his family with expense of the expensive last days of cancer, Benjamin took to the street, where he was clipped by a car, and whisked away by the angels.  

Benjamin and I have sat on the grassy knoll and discussed his decision.  He know his passing was horrific for his family.  Sudden, violent passing often is.  But he didn’t want his Mom to have to make the decision of when to let him go.  He hopes he was being compassionate.  It is so hard to be compassionate when you are parting with the love of your life.  

I think Benjamin’s heart was then, as it is now, pure.  He hopes his Mom understands.  He was out of heartbeats.  And when it comes to heartbeats the last one is nowhere near as important as the ones that came before, that beat in sync with your Mom.  But he doesn’t want his Mom to feel guilty about the way he passed over.    His time was up, he had to go, and there was nothing anyone could do about that.

So now Benjamin will do what I am doing.  When we were both on the mortal side of the Bridge we were our Mom’s Angels taking care of them, now we are at the Bridge and we look over them night and day.  And, like I have done with River, teaching her how to do all the things Mommy loves while not reminding Mommy too much of me, Benjamin will do with Bella.

And Benjamin’s Mom needs to remember he is always an angel on her shoulder.


  1. That is so sad about Benjamin. We hope he is running free and fast without pain over the rainbow bridge. Hugs and love to his family.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That is so sad...but sometimes we do know and want to spare our families that last painful decision.

  3. Thank you so so much for Honoring My/Our Benjamin....I miss him my boy with every breath I take. Having witnessed his being taken from us has shattered my heart forever. He was my Happy..He is so worthy of everything good in Heaven. I watch for signs that he is ok..I Pray I see him in my dreams. His sister Bella (our rescue), has been presenting some of Benjamin's stops us in our tracks..every time. We look with disbelieving eyes and then shed tears and then we hug Bella and Thank Benjamin for visiting through her...Our lives are forever heart is forever Happy is waiting for me at the bridge...I LOVE and Miss You Benjamin...Your Mom


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