Sunday, March 16, 2014

Totti and Khan are our March 16, 2014 Pups of the Week

Last week I was lucky to have no friends come to the Bridge, but this week, sadly, I had two.  I went from a no header to a double header.  One we knew was coming, and one was shocking, but both were very sad.

The first was the shocking one.  We had not heard from our friend Totti from Hong King for awhile.  I so enjoyed his blogs.  He lived in an exotic part of the world and taught us so much about life on the other side of the planet. Totti and Foxy were two treasured friends, and even if many months passed without hearing from them, it was always a treat to see them on our blog page.

We had no indication that Totti was on his way.  After swearing him in I asked him what had happened and he said he had an ordinary upset stomach for a few days, the vet came to his house to visit (he really does live on the other side of the world) and ran some tests, but didn’t think it was serious.  On Monday Totti’s tummy was bad and his Mommy came home to make him some ground beef but before it was finished the Angels came down and told Totti his time on the mortal side of the Bridge was over.

He protested, we all protest, some better than others, but only the luckiest of us buy themselves a few more days.  Totti did achieve the passing we all want, at home with his loved ones, even if such a passing is hardest on our families.
Totti was his Mom’s first dog.  Like a young girl who becomes an aunt, she was nervous about holding Totti at first, but when she did he snuggled in and stole her heart.  When she took time off from work Totti was her constant companion going for long walks with her.  Soon Foxy joined the family and a well known social media duo was born.

I showed Totti how to watch his family in the River of Life and he read his Mom’s blog about him, but soon his eyes clouded over with tears so I finished is for him:  “I miss him a lot a lot. His ashes came back today. Paul and I decided to put on the chest with his lovely photo. It is right besides our wedding photo. He was one of our lovely family member and he will always be missed by me. He will always in my mind.  Totti, see you at the rainbow bridge later. Take care I miss and love Totti forever !”  

And Totti wanted me to tell his family he misses and loves them too and will be waiting.

The second friend to join me this week was Khan from the Malatesta clan.  
Khan had been growing sicker each day, unable to get to his feet.  His Mom has had health issues too, and the vet agreed to come to her house (perhaps I am the one who lives on the other side of the world) to ease Khan’s passage.  But Khan wanted no part of that.  When he saw the vet he suddenly had the strength to get off the ground, and run to his Mom, and they both cried, knowing this would be goodbye.

But the truth was, with his Mom and his human brother having so many health issues, they needed an angel more than a dog, and Khan realized this, and he too is at the River of Life watching over his loved ones, with the rest of us dogs.

There are plenty of wet paws here, from dogs reaching into the River trying to touch their families, and wet eyes too as we watch their pain.  But we are safe here.

We are safe and waiting.

(Thank you to Tommy Tunes for the photos)


  1. So sad. Breaks my heart. Fly free Angels.

  2. Just so sad. We have leaky eyes.
    Have a marvellous Monday and Happy St Patrick's Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. It's so heartbreaking to have to say goodbye. That kind of pain never goes away.