Monday, April 28, 2014

Our parents are spying on us by Rivers Song

We are being spied upon my friends and those doing the spying are the ones closest to us, our parents.

Yup, thanks to Motorola Big Brother has turned into Big Mommy and Daddy and our privacy has been invaded more rudely than a small Ukrainian village.

Motorola is selling at Pet Smarts and other stores Pet Monitors.  At first I thought they were really big monitors where we could watch our kitty porn but no, we aren’t watching the monitors, the monitors are watching us.   They are placed around the house, and when we cross in front of the camera it picks up our image and sends it to a computer where our untrusting parents are watching (which, arguably is more exciting than whatever work they are supposed to do instead of watching us.)  

This infringes on our most basic rights:  To do whatever we want when our parents leave us.  It s our way of punishing them for leaving.   Then, when they return home, we sit amongst our living room of ruins, with a confused expression on our face, as if we had no idea how such a thing could have occurred.  Our freedom to do this preserves the delicate balance between dog and man.

The only way that we should agree to such a violation is if we can watch what our parents are doing too.  I mean who knows what is going on while they are out of the house?  Except for some guy named Obama and if this Obama knows then shouldn’t we?

So let’s make those cameras two way cameras.  What do you say humans?  No?  Didn’t think so.  When we are apart I think it is better we keep our dirty little secrets to ourselves and when you come home and everything is ripped apart, or we sniff you and discover some strange stank, let’s just chalk it up to that social compact between dogs and men.

No more private eyes watching you or me.  Agreed?


  1. You are obviously more entertaining than anything in a drab human life.

  2. Mom said she's going to go price them at now...uh oh....

  3. Thank goodness mom's not working anymore (retired)---she can't afford it. YAHOO!!!!!!!

  4. Yikes we certainly would not like one of those watching us but one watching the peeps would be well funny. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We nevers wants them to know what goes on when they go to the sweatshop...nevers!
    stella rose

  6. A definite invasion of privacy. Who knows, you could end up on Youtube...

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy


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