Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pup of the Week: For Our Moms

I know Mother’s Day is not for a few week but we should be celebrating our Moms every week, and I am going to do it today, especially for those Mom’s who are struggling right now.  
There are some, like my Mom, who struggle with pain every day.  Besides the pain from her worn artificial knees and bad neck her vertebrae is compressing giving her back pain.  She is also getting smaller.  Don’t tell Daddy.  He thinks he is getting taller (and larger.)  When it comes to humans men are much sillier.
When something is wrong with us our Moms go on the Humanbook and spill every little embarrassing detail of our illnesses.  Us dogs do a much better job of protecting our Mom’s privacy, and sometimes all we write is that our Mom needs prayers.  Pups don’t ask questions, we just pray.
This week, at the Bridge Cathedral on Tanner Brigade, Benjamin, Butkus, Barry and Pepper asked for prayers for their Mom,   We don’t know why, but we pray very hard that she is OK, for her, and for Benji and his pack.

I know some of you have not heard from Matilda for awhile.  And I know that many of you remember her big brother Moses.  Matilda’s Mom lost her Mom a short while ago and it hurt her very much. Matilda’s Mom is a wonderful dog Mom and a wonderful human 

being and she needs our prayers.  Pup prayers are the best and I know you will help out.  

Molly’s Mom has a problem that often occurs with us dogs.  She got bit by a tick and developed Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  She is in need of prayers too.  I hate those ticks and I can attest that ticks are not allowed near the Bridge along with other bothersome insect life.  I think they all go to the bad place to bother bad humans.

Tupper, Boris and Max’s Mom has had terrible problems with a tooth.  She went to the dentist who would have fixed the problem, except the dentist worked on the wrong tooth!  So now she has two tooth problems and no money to fix either.  So you can add her to our ever expanding prayer list.

While Buddy Boy Smith’s Mom is fine, his Aunt is having a very difficult time, she recently put down her pup Sandy Girl after 14 years together.  I swore Sandy Girl in and she is doing very well but please say a prayer for her Mom.

Finally we have to give a shout out to a Dad, Buddy, Moose and Sydney’s Dad, who is in the hospital until tomorrow with spinal meningitis.  While this was quite scary for his family he should be fine.  Even though it left Moose very depressed while his Dad was in the hospital.
Moms (and Dads) say so many prayers for us they deserve a few of their own so let’s rally together and keep all our parents safe and healthy.


  1. Oh no some scary things are going on indeed. We send everyone and mum of course healing vibes and POTP. Mum take care we are thinking of you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sounds like there are some hurtin' humans out there. SHE has a bad shoulder, but we make sure SHE exercises it. Hope all those peeps have good results.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  3. Sending prayers to all the DS mom's and dad's that are going through a rough time. Sometimes we forget to pray for the human's--and as you say, they usually don't talk about their problems, just us doggy problems.

  4. Oh we will send prayers for al those momma's and their problems...I finks life gets hard for our humans ...and I fink we are one of the reasons they laugh and smile. We are gifts from above....well except Gussie ...he may be a gift from another place.
    stella rose


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