Sunday, April 20, 2014

Enzo is our Apri 20, 2014 Pup of the Week

It has been a terribly long winter for everyone on the mortal side of the Bridge.  On this Easter Sunday hopefully a hint of spring has appeared in all your yards but there is one pup who is stuck in the land of eternal winter.  His name is Enzo and he lives on Enzo Mountain in Colorado where all it ever does is snow.

Here at the Bridge we have heard Enzo’s prayers and we have lobbied to help him.  But we were told Enzo’s Mountain needs to be thawed slowly.  If we do it too quickly it will send water rushing down the hills toward the little village of Pompei Colorado, and we don’t want history repeating.

We must give credit to Enzo and his family.  A similar fate struck Walton’s Mountain in the 40’s   All that’s left is the diary of their eldest son John Boy.  The last entry reads:  “We finished off the last of Grandpa last night.  We pulled Pa out of the freezer and will start in one him tomorrow.  We hope to make stock out of Jim Bob for the summer.  I just burped.  Goodnight Grampa.” Thankfully Enzo and his family have handled their misfortune better.

Even buried under snow with as little hope of seeing green as an Uruguayn rugby team Enzo and his Mom are still able to bring smiles to the faces of her friends, either through very good and very clever drawings or humorous comments on our pages.  Of course this is a sign that Enzo’s Mom has gone completely insane from being snowed in but she does make us smile,

Even if we can’t thaw them out us angels are still trying to help them.  A planned kibble drop went awry when we hit eagles in the noggin’ pissing them off and causing them to mount a counterattack.  We are now trying to convince the United States Government to move the capitol to Enzo’s Mountain hoping all the hot air will melt the snow.

In Ecclesiastes it is written that To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  So Enzo and his family is going to have to be patient.  There is as season for everything and their season of winter is taking a very long to end but it is all for a purpose under heaven.

If I had my way I would like to join them on Enzo Mountain.  I have even written a ditty about it

Oh to live on Enzo Mountain
With the snowfall and the six foot drifts
It never reaches twenty on Enzo Mountain
But when you go there you won’t want to leave too soon
You won’t want to leave too soon


  1. We can't believe these LATE snows!

    XXXOOo Bella & Roxy

  2. Wow we think everybody is fed up with the white stuff over the pond. Paws crossed for a nice slow thaw for Enzo. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Yes we are waiting on spring...we thinks it may have finally hit southeastern iowa but it is to soon to tell cos mom tells me back ten years ago they got 11 inches of snow in May. We are holding our breaths.
    Laughing at this post.
    stella rose


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