Tuesday, May 20, 2014

For the Forgotten Dogs By Foley Monster

I have been either living with humans, or observing them from above for a long time now, and one part of my human studies have been completed.  I can now state with 100% accuracy that the best way to measure a human is by how they treat their pets.
Admittedly I cannot judge non pet owners.  There are some who don’t own pets because they can’t provide for them, and some poor souls have allergies and can’t have a pet, but almost all humans at some point have encountered  pets and I can use that evidence to make a partial decision of their righteousness.
As I have written before us dogs are on Earth for one reason and that is to love and give comfort to humans.  A very high of percentage of dogs get that love back, but some are abused, and, although not as painful as abuse, some simply are ignored.  We have to share the love that is in our hearts, and if we are unable to, the pain eats away at our hearts as much as the loss of a loved one does.
This happens to some of us after a baby is born.  Mommy has seen young married couples with their dogs and they treat them like their baby.  Then the actual baby comes and the dogs are either kept in the cellar, outside, or made to stay in one room or sit in a corner.  Both Mommy and I wonder if this is the type of human parent they are what kind of dog parent are they going to be?
I pray every night that all dogs have good homes, some of them just have to settle for homes where they don’t get any love.  But I wonder about those dogs who had love and were then pushed aside when their parent lose interest.
I don’t know if it is better to have been loved then it would be to never have been loved at all.  At least you don’t know what you lost.


  1. We commented before, but Blogger said there was a BIG error.

    We feel sorry for all those dogs who used to have lots of attention and then are relegated to the yard...or worse. We don't understand humans.

    XXXOOO Bella & roxy

  2. It is always sad when that happens and it is very common over here when a baby arrives. People should think about the commitment and what changes may happen in the future. We too wish all animals owned by humans were treated well but sadly it is not the case. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Wesa haf noticed a lot of senior dogs lately that haf to go to the shelters and rescue's or worse. It breaks my mommas heart. We wish things were better for all of them.
    stella rose

  4. It is also sad for the baby when the dog is pushed away. Dogs can make babies feel happy and safe.

  5. We definitely agree and hope some day ALL dogs are treated well with loving homes!


  6. Our Roxy was 11 when her parents had a human baby. Now she lives with us and her brother Shadow and she is OUR baby. Becky