Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Orkie the Yorkie Part III

We are getting back in the swing of things when it comes to garden supervision.  River wrote about the entire buggy incident but I want to tell you what happened afterwards and the return of Orkie the Yorkie.

We first met Orkie two years ago.  Foley and I were on a walk when this little Yorkie ran up to us, as bold as can be, setting off a three way Yorkie barking exhibition.  Daddy gathered Orkie in his arms, brought us home, and then spent a half hour knocking on doors until he found the owner  Daddy explained to Orkie that there were lots of bad things that could happen to little dogs alone on the street.  Orkie promised to never run away again.

But Orkie wasn’t much of a listener or a promise keeper.  It took more than a year but after a day of garden supervising, at the end the walk we got as reward for doing a good job, I heard a barking, and saw Orkie running towards me.  “Hi Pocket, how have you been?” she asked.

I told her I was fine, and introduced her to River.  “Who’s the tubby?” River asked.

I winced.  I had noticed that Orkie had put on, if not another Orkie in weight, then definitely another Pocket.  I have always been told that it is impolite to comment on someone else’s weight but if I did have to comment on Orkie’s the comment would be morbidly obese.

I said hi to Orkie.  Daddy was holding our leashes in his right hand and Orkie was charging at us from the left.  He bent down and picked Orkie with his left hand and I could tell by the gasp of air that he too found Orkie heavy.  We saw Mommy.  River, Orkie and I were barking and lunging trying to talk and sniff.  Daddy was trying to keep all three of us under control and get Mommy’s attention so she could grab at least one little bit of hell, but she didn’t have her glasses on and couldn’t see him gesturing and he was too far away to be heard.

Finally Mommy realized that three dogs were too much for two handed Daddy and took River and me. I told Orkie I would see him again soon and River suggested he try Slim-Fast.  Daddy was only a few steps up the street when Orkie’s Mom’s grandson drove down to get him.  He had let him out of the house again, and knew where Orkie would go.

Being the only Yorkie in the house I hope I see him again soon.  
And River hopes he gets fed some weight control food.


  1. OMD he needs to go on the D word but obviously the extra weight hasn't stopped him running away LOL Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. People OFTEN think that about us, as pugs, but never have told us that to our faces. We are supposed to be round.
    stella rose

  3. He needs VEGGIES!!!! That's what our mom says--but it sure doesn't work for her.....(don't tell her we said that).

  4. May have to rename him Porkie.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy (who themselves are on the high side of ideal weight)