Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pocket has been taking some Foley lessons

I was off having wonderful dreams about a life without giant glowing squirrels when I got pulled out of my dreams and into Judge Foley’s chambers

She sat behind a big desk, wearing her robe, and looking very regal.  She said it was time for me to do something important for Mommy.  To learn the ways of the Monster.

She told me when she left that Mommy would miss certain things about her, but she didn’t want to teach them to me right away.  If I had reminded Mommy of Foley she would be looking for more of Foley in me than me of me and Foley and I both agreed, I’m not Foley.  But now, with her gone a year, it was time to be schooled.

The first class was in tongue.  I have always kept my tongue in my mouth but Foley told me that I must start slipping it between my teeth and lips.  I told Foley that unlike her I did not have a big tongue or a big mouth.  She gave me a cold stare and told me to start practicing sticking my little tongue out of my little mouth.

Next came the walk.  Foley’s back legs were slightly longer than her front legs so she walked with a very specific butt wiggle.  My legs are the same size so to do the Foley walk I had to stand on my tippy claws and I kept tipping over.  Plus I am a modest girl and don’t like shaking my butt.  It took me many nights practice to get it down.

Then there is the spin around.  Foley, when excited, always barked and spun around.  I have started doing the spin around but not as often as Foley did because I get dizzy.

There are certain things she wanted me to do that I can’t.  She used to bark at Mommy and Daddy throughout dinner for kibble but I find that to be rude.  Also I try to do her big tail wag but since mine is cropped doing so is hard.  And Foley used to nod her head to communicate with Mommy and I haven’t got that down yet.

But our plan has been successful, several times recently I have walked in the kitchen and Mommy has said Foley’s name.  And it doesn’t make her cry anymore, it makes her feel good, and that makes me feel good, so thank you for teaching me your old tricks Foley, it’s been long enough, and the memory is a good one.

Do you ever remind your Mom of any of her dogs at the Bridge?


  1. OH YES Pocket.... we do that Reminder thingy ... it makes the peeps Happy and they even LAUGH sometimes. You can't do Foley's thingys EXACTLY butt you can come CLOSE... and THAT will do the job. Keep practicing...

  2. I push my head right under peep's hands for pets and momma had a basset, Delilah, who did dat.

  3. Roxy and I, Bella, have taken on some of Daisy's traits. It makes HER smile.

  4. We are so pleased mum is happy to remember and no longer cries. We miss Ancient Pip all the time but we try and think good thoughts and not get upset. Not a day goes by when we don't think of her. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. A year ~ it takes time for that smile to come back. I don't remind Lee of the two before but the second one Lee swears was the reincarnation of the first. There were so many strange things about Scot 2 starting with being born dead and the vet giving up and just as they were going to leave the little guy breathed.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me to send a kitty on the Scooter Shuttle and if you do find those balls keep it a secret Okie Dokie!
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. We also try not to be so upset when we remember Sammy j. and Trudie, Gussie often reminds momma of Sammy...we know he tells him to whisper sweet words in momma's ears each and everyday.
    stella rose

  7. Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) is really Mommy's weenie from years ago named Bart. He does all the same things that Bart did and Mom's convinced that Max is really Bart in a newer body! :)


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