Sunday, July 6, 2014

Two Old Florida Dogs, A Hungry Dog, and an Ace are our Pups of the Week

For most Americans it was a short week, but for us pups and their parents it has been a week of prayer as three of our friends, two tough old Florida dogs, and one overly hungry Illinois dog, each had operations that made us very worried.  All three pups are home and on the road to a full recovery, but one pup, our friend  Ace, Apollo and Shakira’s brother, not in need of an operation, or a hospital stay, at the age of 14, finds his song ending, and is scheduled to cross the River of Life to the immortal side on Tuesday.
The week began with news that sent an earthquake of worry through our tight little band.  Tommy Tunes, the keeper of keys, who puts our minds at ease and is guaranteed to please, was undergoing surgery.  Tommy is 17 and he needed surgery on his eyes and to remove some growths.  Surgery is a risk at any age but when you are a senior dog the risks grow.  We all gathered in our designated spots to pray and blessedly word came that Tommy came through surgery and, although he was sore, he still plans to amuse and comfort us for many, many more moons.

Then came news that Hobo Hudson was quietly undergoing the knife.  Hobo, author, and wise businessman, kept quiet about his surgery plans, knowing such momentous news could cause upheaval in the bone market.  He had some growths that needed to be removed.  It was done, at an undisclosed location, to keep the puparrazi away, and he was home at the end of the day, also sore, but enjoying an intimate dinner with his wife Lily.  When word leaked of Hobo’s surgery we went back to our special prayer spots and asked the heavenly angels to heal our friend, which they did.  We hoped there would not be a third surgery, because heavenly angels often say no
But by the end of the week we were back in our prayer spots praying for Lacey.  She ate a charcoal filter from their aquarium and it got lodged in her digestive tract and needed surgery.  For the third time we gathered at our prayer spots and for a third time the angels said yes although they made us promise she wouldn’t eat anything that could kill her for at least a month.
But the angels don’t always give, sometimes they take, and Ace, brother to Shakira and Angel Apollo has made the decision to leave the mortal world behind and pass over to Rainbow Bridge.  His legs have given out and his heart is failing.  He has fought long and hard to stay with his Mom but he knows his heartbeats are running out and his song will be ending.  When he crosses over on Tuesday there will be Apollo, and many other friends waiting to see him, while on the mortal side there will be many tears.
It will be bittersweet to see Ace again, knowing the sadness felt by those he left behind, but it will be good to see him, and to know he is only a party of one.


  1. I will sit beside you in this very hard and sad time

  2. The Rainbow Bridge will celebrate the arrival. We hope that there are many WONDERFUL Memories fur those of us on THIS side to Cherish.

    run FREE and FAST with those who are there to greet .

  3. My Momma toles us the other day that "forever" is a undisclosed amount of time, but the humans have absolutely no control over and that it is very hard for them, when forever ends.
    stella rose

  4. So many facing Bridge decisions.

    XXXOOO Bella roxy & Dui