Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Foley Tackles Another Human Scientific Study About Dogs

You all know how I feel about humans’ studying dogs.  They know nothing about us.  In fact, we are your angels, and you should never question your angels, just accept that we are here to do go for you and be happy about it.  But not humans, they have to question every single thing.

Their question now is do dogs get jealous?  Um…..If we are on a walk in the forest do we $hit it the woods?

When Mommy and Daddy kissed I would sit at their feet and growl louder and louder.  After awhile the only time they kissed was to make me bark.  Frankly I think I saved their marriage.

I wonder who is funding these dogs studies.  Like all scientific studies I am sure it costs thousands of dollars.  The scientists would have been much better served by adopting two dogs and then watching them interact when one gets attention and the other doesn’t.  

Pocket and I used to snap and growl at one another when Mommy gave either of us attention.  And I watch River and Pocket fight over the Mommy’s lap.  If one of  them is being held the other is barking for attention.  If one gets a treat the other is looking with sorrowful eyes wondering where there treat is.

And those of us who read Hattie Mae’s blog know how much we hate when our owners come home smelling like other dogs.  That can put us in a snit for weeks.

My favorite way of showing how jealousy upset me was to not eat.  I was such a tiny thing not eating could have had disastrous results.  I was hungry but it was worth it to see how upset my parents were.

If you know any scientists who wants to study dogs please just point them to the nearest shelter.  They will save a lot of money, save a life, and learn lots about dogs.


  1. Too right. They should use shelter dogs and do something good in the process of trying to learn more. Super idea. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a stupid study--hmmmph! Of course we show jealousy--we're human aren't we?! Definitely like your last paragraph about doing studies with shelter dogs (you just KNOW they'd win over the scientists with their cuteness and personalities and get permanent homes)!

  3. Bella and Roxy get into some HUGE fights. We think Roxy is jealous of Bella playing with her friend Kelly at the river. All dogs get the same attention around the house.

    couldn't they spend that money looking for a cure for Cancer in dogs?

  4. Mom thinks we're her own private study group. Sure we get jealous, we want it all just like humans.

  5. Peeps and their STUDIES are nuttier than an OAK TREE.

  6. Momma wishes she coulda gotten paid to do dat study, BOL!

  7. Crikey you are so wise, aye? My folks are pretty dense but they knew all about that without all that money being wasted. I'm here to tell the next lot of scientist blokes that we know what love is too. Just in case they wanna study that next time.

  8. Who cares? Right!!!
    Money should be spent on important stuff like helping animals,,, and making sure stupid pet shops don't have doggys in their windows and stuff..

  9. I study my Mom all the time...trust me it doesn't help any!!! Golden Kisses, Enzo