Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pocket's Kitty Infestation

Here at the Village of the Pruned it is rather cramped.  We have about five feet of property on either side of us, someone living behind us, and a road in front of us.  We don’t mind at all, especially since before we lived here we lived in a condo where humans pass by our window causing us a great deal of unrest and barking.
One good thing being cramped in here is that there are never any critters around:  No cats bothering our bird friends, no squirrels eating their food.
Until this week.  We have two big fern trees in our yard and this week I was sure there was something hiding under them.  My suspicions were further raised when I saw the remnants of one of my bird friends, nothing but feathers.  I suspected we had a cat infiltration.
I kept pulling Daddy towards the fern trees when he took me out.  Finally he let me stick my little head under there  He was nervous because, while he didn’t think there was anything under there, if there was something it could be dangerous, but he trusted me to handle myself, and himself to pull me out of trouble before injury.
That’s when I saw it, hidden deep under the tree, a kitty!  I barked and it took off running around the house. I gave as much chase as a Yorkie on a retractable leash can, and it beat it’s little paws out of my yard.
So, after a period of peace the Yorkie vs Kitty war has started again with the Kitty crossing the border into my yard and attacking my birdie allies.  Now, every time I drag Daddy out because I have to pee I must check my fern tree to make sure my border has not been breached.
I promise to stay vigilant against the invading Kitty hoard, unless they get a rocket launcher, that is more River’s area of expertise.


  1. Oh imagine our house with squirrels, birds, and cats all around us, no wonder we bark our heads off, you are doing a good job getting that cat out of your yard.
    stella rose

  2. Protecting your little friends is important. Stay focused and rid the place of evil kitties.

  3. OMD you need to protect your little feathered friends from the kitty. I regularly chase the two that live behind off my property. They too stalk the birdies but not on my watch. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Get that cat! We have them all over the place and they mock us....grrrrrr! It is YOUR fern and YOUR garden. How dare it!

  5. CAT?!?!? In your YARD?!?!? Get it! Get that cat!!!
    PS: Thank you for swinging by our blog! It's nice to meet you!

  6. I think I'd be on da kitty's side, I can't stand dem birds either.