Saturday, November 22, 2014

Balls! by River Song

At exactly 10:00 every evening I expect at least one, and sometimes as many as four treat balls.  

The first one I ever got was from Leo.  It was plastic, and I rolled it around the floor eating the kibble that slowly fell out.  Then one day I realized if I got on the couch with the treat ball in my mouth and dropped it on the floor the treats would come out faster, and it would scare the crap out of a sleeping Pocket.  It was a win win.

I found out the harder I slammed the ball the more the treats came out until the day I slammed the ball so hard all the treats came out.  Unfortunately  I busted Leo’ gift and it was time to find me something new.

So they got this really cool, thick white bone and the filled it with all sorts of yummy stuff:  Peanut butter, pumpkin, yogurt, and there would be treats inside the creamy stuff.  It was great.  I loved to climb up on the couch with it and start licking the stuff out, and when I got frustrated I dropped it on the floor and it sounded like a cannon going off.  Over and over again, for an hour, that canon would go off.  Mommy and Daddy didn’t mind but it scared Pocket and everything inside of her turned into water.  So the white bone went away.

Next came this big square thing that looked like a giant tic-tac-toe.  I had to spin a door around and could either eat the food from the toy or shoot the kibble out on the floor.  Took me about two minutes to figure that out.  Then I looked up at Daddy.  What’s next?

Then came this thing called the Kong Genius.  You put treats in it and you have to be a genius to get them out.  More of a genius than me.  More of a genius than Daddy.  I think there are fossilized treats in that thing, where ever it is hidden in the dark corners of this house.

FInally I got a traditional Kong.  I got filled with delicious peanut butter.  Oh how I loved to lick all the peanut butter out of that Kng.   And sometimes I would spill some on the couch, and stain it, and the chairs too.  And the floors got pretty stickly.  So they froze the Kong.  Which delayed the mess on the floor by a good ten minutes.

Pumpkin in the kong worked a little better, but I went through it too quickly, and yogurt was just as messy.  So one day I decided to sit down for supper with Mommy and Daddy and instruct them on proper treat ball preparation .

So now I have my original Kong stuffed with kibble, carrots, and treats.  Sometimes I get other treats in them too.  I like being intellectually stimulated and have a full belly before bed.

I hope you all have balls  to run after, stick your tongue in and lick.  I couldn’t live withoit my balls

I don’t know how boys do it.


  1. We love puzzles and treat balls....however mom thinks they can be a bit messy too. Hope we get a new puzzle for Christmas---we're too good at the ones we have now (HINT, HINT, Santa!).

  2. Oh River....You just gave me my biggest giggle of the day! {Think I wet my furs}


  3. One day Mom gave everyone a Kong. She had put treats inside then sealed them in with peanut butter and frozen them. Each of us got one and it took a long time to work thru the frozen peanut butter to get to the treats. Bailey thought it was taking too long, so she just ate the Kong. Mom stopped giving them to us after that. Bummer!

  4. We get kibble in our Kong. SHE says it makes it easier to clean out. Then we get cheese or peanut butter in the top. we love Kongs! Sounds like you go through loads of toys.

  5. Tee hee River - you gave us a laugh too!. Greta had a bottle with a rope coming out. Tug on the rope to make the treats come out. Till she figured out if she got it in her bed and tipped it all the treats would flow out. She did like to drag the thing around though
    Mr Bailey & Hazel