Friday, January 2, 2015

Ask Aunt Foley

            Dear Aunt Foley:   My Mommy has been thinking about getting us one of those raised beds.  What can you tell me about them? – Cheyenne and Kaizer
            Dear Cheyenne and Kazier:  The first thing I need to tell you is that raised beds are all a matter of perspective.  To a Yorkie everything is a raised bed.  Put a little pillow on the floor it’s a raised bed to us.  Heck put a towel on the floor and we have to step up to get there.
            You probably don’t have that problem being a big dog.  I don’t want to go off on a tangent but big dogs have it easy. If you have never felt the frustration of trying to jump off a couch only to embarrassingly bounce off the top cushion you don’t know frustration.
            In fact in my book the only raised bed a dog should sleep in is the raised bed that Mommy and Daddy sleep in.  If any human would like to make millions of dollars they should go on Shark Tank with the idea of a bigger bed than the King size bed.  The Dog Sized bed which would dwarf the kind sized bed and make room for everyone.
            But back to your original question.  These beds are great for dogs who sleep on cold floors.  Shelters like to have them because many of the shelters have cement floors.  If you are sleeping on a rug or a floor that is not cold then you probably don’t need them.
            But if it makes your Mom happy then let go for it and make yourself comfortable.  You will get nice and snuggled on it and your Mom will feel good about making it happen so the least you can do is do this for your Mom.


  1. We all have our own beds but the human bed or the couches are the very best, especially if there's a warm human in it.

  2. We have beds...futon style, but we don't sleep on them. Not when there are couches and the big bed. But it makes HER happy to know SHE's provided beds.

  3. I sleeps in da big bed wiff Mom and Dad and sumtimes Crockett da kitty, too. We gots beds all ovfur da place, too, and of course, da couch and laps are always gud places to sleep...

    Oh, and we didn't replace our kitties-- Jezebel died of old age and Maurice got FIP-- dat's why we has a diffurent trio of kitties...

  4. This post made me think of my goofy dog. I have a golden doodle (big enough dog) who chooses to sleep on the desk on some coats. It's where the cat usually sleeps, but if she isn't there she'll jump up on the coats.


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