Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pocket versus the snow monsters

          I am not sure what happened….but then again I seldom do.
          Monday night I could sense something bad was happening, both through my super Yorkie sense and the way my humans were acting. 
          Then the wind started.  I hate wind.  It whips and howls like monsters.  Mommy tells me don’t worry but I know could be monsters.  What better time for monsters to attack?
          We all climbed in bed to sleep together.  I am safe there.  The monsters can’t get me when I am under the covers because they can’t attack what they can’t see.  I made sure I stayed next to Mommy so she wasn’t taken by the monsters either.
          Daddy got up in the morning.  My super Yorkie senses picked up that he was aggravated.  He was saying words not heard in the Bible, going in and out, banging things.  I was sitting on the blanket shaking.  He came back in the bedroom and said he got the heat working after digging out our outside unit.  I have such a smart Daddy.
          A little while later the heat shut off.  Daddy’s not too smart.
          I didn’t like Tuesday at all.  It was cold.  There was this one weird black box that gave off heat called a space heater.  Mommy and Daddy put on all sorts of clothes and got under blankets.  And my Yorkie senses was picking up shared tension.  But as long as I was touching one of my humans I was safe.  This situation even affected River who peed on the couch which is strange because she usually pees on Mommy’s chair.
          We went to bed with all the covers over us and I was nice and snuggly.  The wind had stopped so there were no monsters.  But then, early in the morning, Daddy got out of bed in the 40 degree house.  I could hear him outside, scraping, slamming doors, huffing and puffing.  The monsters must be back and he was fighting them off
          Daddy wanted to let Mommy sleep while he slayed the monsters but she couldn’t because I was sitting on her head trembling.  Two and a half hours later Daddy came back in, cold, wet, and tired.  He had killed the monster, which he called the “Driveway” by shoveling it.
          Daddy then got in the warm bed again.  I was still very unsettled, listening to make sure that the monsters were truly dead.  Then I laid down next to Daddy under the covers, and he put his arm around me and I let out a big sigh, finally safe and at peace and together we fell asleep.
          The house was still cold when we awoke.   Two men showed up, who we weren’t allowed to play with, and the heat was turned on again.  Once they were gone I settled down on a human lap and my Yorkie senses quieted.
          I hope for the rest of the winter the heat stays on and the monsters stay away. 

          My little nerves can’t take anymore.
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  1. I hate monsters too,,,and I hate cold houses too,
    I am glad your all safe,, and now I hope winter does not throw anymore

  2. Sounds like the Freeze Monster visited you. Glad you could stay warm in bed and eventually, the Monster was chased away by those two men.

  3. OMD lucky the heating is back on. Stay warm and safe now. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Glad your daddy was able to take care of the monster driveway and happy your heat is back on!

  5. Cold monsters? Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!!


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