Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pups of the Week January 25, 2015: Moms on a Mission

            When Doggyspace was shut down a determined group of Mom’s came together to create a group on Facebook to replace Doggyspace.  This group was led by Chipper, Romeo and Angel Cooper’s Mom Karen; Pokey, Maggie and Toby’s Mom Laura, Molly and Angel Daisy’s Mom Cindy; and Roscoe, Jessie and Angel Willie’s Mom Sandy.  It seemed like a simple project but quickly turned into a time consuming nightmare.
            When the Tanner Brigade accepted many refugees the transition went very smoothly.  But every member of Tanner is a well-known dog, and you can only join by invite, while Facebook is filled with entitled morons, psychopaths and mental detectives
            Plus there must be a crazy person test on Facebook.  If you pass the test you are given a secret list of every site that is created on Facebook and the people who belong to that site.  Next you ask for the friendship of every member of the site.  Some people (looking crossways at Mom) accept every friend request that comes their way.  Our friends who created this Doggyspace refugee camp on Facebook looked at the friends of the people who were requesting membership and seeing that many of their friends were Doggyspace members (looking crossways at Mommy again) allowed them in the group.
            And then the crazy people peeled away their normal person face and let out the crazies.  These people had answers for everything:  Erectile dysfunction, deflated balls, erectile dysfunction, dirty movies, erectile dysfunction.  Humans seem very concerned with dysfunctioning erectiles.
            So there were members on Doggyspace 2015 who weren’t Doggyspace people and some refugees took back to the ocean to find a safe island.  Tommy Tunes sniffed around for a while, decided it wasn’t for him, lifted his leg and peed to mark that Tommy was there and then left.    Leo and his Mom didn’t stick around too long either.
            But our group of committed Moms were determined to give the refugees a safe home.  Luckily Slater and Chase’s Mom Gretchen stepped up with a list of DS dogs and parents from her secret paws group (albeit not alphabetized but we let it go because we love her.)  Soon our determined Moms who were now close to being committed were able to eliminate the folks who were not refugees from Doggyspace but were refugees from the crazy house.
            There were some further problems.  There was the girl who was a member and then created another account in a different name and invited herself.  After much discussion both of her were gone.  There were also some DS members who seemed to enjoy setting the old place on fire and watching members scramble for their lives and they were whittled away too.  And there were members who were eventually allowed in, but the process took a long time, because there were so many fake members, and the Moms had to be sure.  In time these devoted Moms are going to look for new pup owners because if they don’t a generation of dog parents will not have the love and support that our parents have had
            Also DS did send blogs and pictures to members who requested them but they were difficult to open.  Cappy and Kokomo’s Mom Jackie did a great job helping people recapture their memories.
            And so with a determined and hopefully not soon to be committed Moms we move forward as a group, still lost, still searching for a home, like on Battlestar Galactica after being destroyed by the Pet360 cylons.  And while there is still a lot of work to do we should recognize the Moms who have done so much to keep us together.

            So a sincere tip of the tail to you all, for all of us, from me, one Judge Foley Monster.

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  1. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Nice to see Gina and Pepsi's picture. It has been like walking through a maze for us DS members to find a perm home but we'll get there. I appreciate all of the Moms/Dads who have done so much to keep us informed and keep us together.

    I finished the book 'Small Tales' and enjoyed it so much. Brought back a lot of stories and memories that I had forgotten. Well, actually I can't read but my mommy can so she read it to me!

    1. Thank you so much for buying the book and we are glad you enjoyed it. Found the Gina and Pepsi picture by doing a Google image search of doggyspace Moms. You might find some interesting pictures there

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