Tuesday, August 4, 2015

River and the Bad Thunder Storm

Bed is my favorite spot.  I know when I am in bed, snuggled with Mom and Dad, under the covers, that nothing can hurt me.  This morning that theory was tested.

Just after dawn the thunder began. Now it usually doesn’t bother me but this thunder kept getting louder, then the wind howled, the rain pounded, and lightning cracked above.

I snuggled in closer to Mom and Pocket did the two things she does when she is scared:  Tremble and sit on Daddy’ head.  I don’t know why she sits on his head when she is scared.  It seems to me that higher ground is not something I would seek in a lightening storm.

Mommy gently stroked me equally scared of the thunder.  I don’t know how it is with weather people in other states but in Massachusetts they act with the calmness of a cruise director on the Titanic.  As soon as a storm has the slightest potential to create a tornado the New England meteorologists begin instructing people to get into their basements to stay safe and when the danger has passed they tell people they can leave the basement but most of them don’t have TVs in their basements and they are stuck there for months.  We don’t have a basement or any rooms without windows, and we are told we cannot drive, so our only choice is to take off all our clothes and run around the house naked waving our hands in the air and yelling “the end is nigh.”  Given those options staying in bed is the best solution.  If Alibaba could fly around on a carpet we should be able to fly around on a mattress.

Daddy held on to Pocket like he was a human thundershirt to calm her and to keep her off his head  The thunder got louder and louder until one ear shattering smack and then it drifted away and we drifted back to sleep.

When we awoke for the day we put on the news.  No tornadoes touched down, or were even spotted. There were some trees and power lines down but not in our little village  of the pruned.

Now we are forming rescue parties to save those poor humans stuck in their basement waiting for the all clear sound that will never come.


  1. Oh this sounds just like us a few weeks ago.....we had to laugh about the basement comment, usually our parents are the stooopid ones that stand outside on the porch and watch the whole show.....you know the ones that end up somewhere in Kansas. stella rose

  2. It's good that you don't have a basement and have to stay there for months instead of in a warm bed. hehe

  3. Oh my goodness - glad all was well in your parts this morning. We had really high winds last night and some rain. They say we are on fire watch cause the lightning might start fires and the wind blow the fire around.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Those scary storms,,,, are no fun,
    Were glad everything is okay

  5. Try havin to go hide in da bathroom when da sirens go off - dat are no fun and makes a basement seem like a good idea.