Thursday, August 27, 2015

River Song Velcro Dog

I like to read about my friends’ adventures.  You all do many exciting things.  Trips, competitions, long hikes through the woods, they all sound wonderful.  You know what I find wonderful?  Human touch
I am addicted to it.  When Mommy is working in the kitchen I don’t need to be underfoot I need to be on foot.    I sit on her foot and she has to shake it to get me off.  When we are in bed I snuggle against her and if she gets up to go to the bathroom I switch to Daddy.  Sometimes I lay across the bed so I can get touched on both ends.
I am what is called a velcro dog.  I need to be attached to a human always.  The only exception are walks, where I can still brush against my humans when I need to; eating, which I get done as quickly as possible; and when I get my treat Kong which is my second addiction.  When Mommy showers I curl up on her clothes.  It isn’t Mom but it’s close.
When separation is imminent I do everything I can to prevent it.   If both my parents are leaving I try to hide.  So far my efforts have proven unsuccessful.   If Mommy is leaving then I stand on my back legs and wrap my front paws around her leg and I hold on with all my strength.  I am very hard to shake off:  Like JJ Watt keeping someone out of the endzone.  Where is she going that I can’t go with her?   Attached to her leg I look like a very fancy boot.
I am much more addicted to Mommy than Daddy.  When Mommy is gone I stand at the window waiting for her.  Sometimes I go back to sit with Daddy but immediately I hear a noise and am running back to the window.  I will do this a thousand time before she comes home.
I must admit:
I like to think that I am immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It’s closer to the truth to say I can’t get enough
You know I am gonna have to face it I’m addicted to Mom


  1. Oh we are laughing (sorta) cos we three are very much like that. Before we came to live wif our mom she nevers fell down and hurt her knees not once but twice, and it was NOT because we are under them, and on them.......NOT.....when mom sits we three sit wif her, when mom is in the kitchen we three are on her feet, when she showers, on I stella rose wait right by the tub...the other two are sleeping together, and at night it is I stella rose who always lays wif my back against mom, or my head on her neck or my body on her head, maybe we are cousins River???? stellie rose
    p.s. do you think there is a 12 step program for this?

  2. Mom's says she can't sleep if she is not touching one of us!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. And I am exactly like you too!

  4. Awwwww....and you know what? Your pawrents really love it, even if they have to shake you off occasionally.

  5. We don't see anything wrong with this. This is the true function of dogs from the time humans took them into their caves and began a civilization together.

  6. I think that's a wonderful addiction! I've never had a velcro dog but I think I'd like it!!!!

  7. Not me, mom says I have cat like qualities. I say I'm just independent and if I need something I'll let her know but doesn't stop her from holding me down and forcing her love on me, sigh.

    Aroo to you,

  8. You're just like my Mum! She just can't stop touching me.
    And oh, nice to meet ya. You're such a cutie


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