Friday, August 7, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Hunter in Hell

Often we have humans wander over from their side of the Immortal world.  They enjoyed hunting on the Mortal side and were hoping to do it again.  The animals who live in the hills usually accomodate.  The hunters hunt, the animals hide, and then the hunter shoots.  But here there are no bullets.  The animals will fall down, then get up and run to the hunter and then they hug and go out for a nice dinner of non killed food.

But there are some humans who are less interested in hunting and more interested in killing.  I met one such man this week.  He came to our side with a huge gun and said he was going up the mountain to hunt and would bring what he killed back to his cloud.  I noticed he did not have a dog and I asked if I could go with him.

He told me that I was not a hunting dog but I convinced him that here at the Bridge we are all hunting dogs so he took me along.  We climbed the mountain together and we saw a beautiful rhino.  The man told me he had always dreamed about killing a rhino and that this place was truly heaven.  He popped out of our hiding spot and fired his big gun.  The rhino collapsed on the ground.

The man stood up and let out a great howl of conquest.  The rhino then stood, nodded towards him, and walked away.  “What is the meaning of this?” the hunter yelled.  “I killed him!”

“We are all immortal here,” I told him, “you can’t kill anyone.:

The hunter did not like this.  He stalked off after another rhino, lined it up with his gun, and fired.  The rhino yawned and looked away.  The hunter turned the gun and look down the hole.  Bewildered he asked me what was happening and I explained to him that he could have the thrill of the hunt but not the thrill of the kill.

“But I loved killing!” he said.  “I would kill them, saw them, then mount their heads on my walls. Now I can’t do any of that.  Isn’t this place supposed to be heaven?”

“For some of us,” I said fluttering my wings and rising into the air.  “But one soul’s heaven is another soul’s hell.”

I then flew away as the hunter realized he would spend eternity surrounded by the animal he had dreamed about hunting and now had no way of killing.

Another man’s hell indeed.


  1. All dogs and humans enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but not the thrill of the kill. We are glad that it doesn't happen at the Bridge.

  2. That is quite a story, with a twist that I like, since hunting is something that I don't like... I'm glad that there's no killing in heaven.


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