Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jax is our August 30, 2015 Pup of the Week

Here at the Bridge the weather is always 70 degrees and clear.  But on the mortal side of the River weather can become violent instantly.  The south coast of our country has been under a hurricane threat the last couple of weeks.  But one family has endured their own devastating hurricane:  Hurricane Jax.

When our friend Cooper arrived at the Bridge he began looking for a dog to join his pack.  The problem was that Cooper’s the perfect dog.  How do you replace the perfect dog?  Cooper answer was with imperfection:  A dog named Jax.

He let his Mom know that Jax needed a good home.  He went into Jax’s dreams and told him everything he needed to do to get his Mom to open her house to him.  Then he went to Tommy Tunes’ house, got some popcorn, put the TV on his Mom’s channel, rubbed his paws together and said “Oh boy this is going to be fun.”

When his Mom brought Jax home Chipper and Romeo took one look at him and asked his Mom to bring him back.  But she told them to be patient.  Jax was a good boy.

Jax was going to have to wait to achieve that title.  He went from cute and sweet his first day to Hurricane Jax in the following days.  Amongst the casualties was the electrical cord that powered his Mom’s warm winter blanket, her favorite pen, a cherished gazing ball and several small household items there were chewed.

Jax considered anything in his vision suitable for chewing.  Since he has yet to develop proper walking etiquette he needed to be taken on separate walks which proved quite taxing on the hottest days.  At her wit’s end his Mom reached out to her friends for something that could tame Hurricane Jax.  Someone suggested Bach’s Flower Essence, which helped, but his parents knew he needed training too

So Jax has begun training, and he is taking his medicine, and, despite one nasty bout with diarrhea, which wasn’t his fault, he is turning out to be a sweet, even tempered, respectful little dog, which is how Cooper planned it.  He knew if his Mom had an easy time with Jax he may not have found a spot in her heart.  He had to earn it, by testing her, and earning his spot.   Little by little Jax is doing just that.  He is becoming a regular part of the pack and has his own space in his Mom’s heart.

But be forewarned:  Cooper has a lot of tests planned for Jax and his Mom.


  1. Oh Jax! You brought tears to moms eyes cause you remind her of our Angel Greta. She was such a handfull that there were times mom wanted to send her back. But mom was determined and Greta loved mom like no other. So hang in there Jax's mom - it will be worth the effort and you will have a wonderful companion
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Puppies just have too much energy and no judgment. The lucky ones get training and love.

  3. Yep that is exactly what happens, you come to them pretty naughty, and you give them tests, and trials, and sometimes tears, and before you know it you are deep within their hearts..........................he is a cutie..........stella rose


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