Friday, December 18, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Top Star Paws Moments

It is Star Paws Day!  Before you go to see the movie I wanted to list my favorite Star Paws movie moments.
  1. Young Foley Skywalker is fighting his arch nemesis Arf Vader.  Foley has been pushed to the edge of the spacecraft and is about to drift off into space.  Arf Vader asks Foley to join Arf on the Dark Side. To convince her Arf says “Come with me Foley. I am your Father.” and Foley says:  “You can’t be my father.  Scooby Wan said you were neutered!”
  2. Foley Skywalker, Princess Hattie Mae, Luke Solo and Brodybacca are in the trash compactor about to be crushed when Brodybacca eats all the trash and the compactor sensor stops.  Although they are thankful no one will kiss Brodybacca on the mouth.
  3. Foley Skywaker is training to be a Fido Knight.  She is working with the master Enzo.  Foley’s training is not working.  Finally Foley says she can’t do it.  Enzo looks at her wisely and says “No try, only sit.
  4. Foley Monster has to save Princess Hattie Mae after Joda the Hutt captures her and keeps her as a Bunny Slave.  This picture is used to inspire male dogs in sperm banks for years.
  5. Leo is finally caught by the bounty hunter Lou ee Fet.  Aarf Vaer is preparing him to be shipped to Joda the Hutt.  Before he is sent to Joda Leo is going to be lowered into a machine where he is going to get trimmed and bathed.  A terrible fate.  Before going down Hattie says “I love you” and Leo says “I know.”  
  6. Foley Skywalker gets in her fighter and she flies down a corridor to accomplish her mission when Aarf Vader gets behind her and is going to shoot her down.  Leo Solo comes up behind him and sends Aarf to another Galaxy leaving Foley with a clear shot to blow up the vacuum cleaner.
  7. Despite later versions of the story it is a well known fact that when Leo Solo went into the Mouse Cantina and met with Hobo it was Leo who barked first.  
  8. To shut down the new vacuum cleaner which Aarf Vader is planning to turn on and scare the rebel alliance Princess Hattie Mae, Leo Solo and Brodybacca land on a planet where they are able to defeat the Empire with the help of an entire race of River Songs  


  1. That was more exciting than anything Lucas produced. (Was Arf Vader really neutered?)

  2. OMD.....This version should hit the big screen! BWHahahahahah

  3. This is a much better versions then the movies. LOL!

  4. Pawesome version of the big movie and we didn't even have to worry about getting tickets - Thanks to all:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Thank yu for translating for us! We love it!

  6. This makes more sense to us!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley