Friday, December 25, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Helping Santa Deliver Presents to the Shelter

All right everyone.  Good flight.  Now Benjamin don’t complain.  I told you to clip on your harness.  It is not my fault you almost fell out.  For a Sheriff you aren’t very good at following rules.
OK everybody get off the sleigh and let Santa Paws get down.  Daddy and Shakira  help everyone off.  We have to move quickly,   This is the first shelter we are visiting tonight and we have thousands to go.  Nigel give Santa Paws back his pipe.  I know you look good with it but  it’s not for blowing bubbles.  
Alright Cooper go and open up all the cages,  let everyone out and stand back.  Remember how dogs react when they are let out of cages.  We don’t want you to get runned over.  All everyone get ready!  Here they come.
Hagan get the chicken dinners out of the containers.  All right pups line up for some supper.  Wow!  Look at them chow down.  This is the best dinner they have had in a long time.  All right now line up for presents.
Drag that bag over here Greta.  Look it’s new blankets for everyone.  These will keep you nice and warm on those cold nights.  And look what Barnum has.  They are special deer antlers for everyone.  I know deer antlers can taste kind of blah but Santa Paws has made all these taste like steak.
And now the greatest treat of the day.  Tommy Tunes’ special popcorn balls.  Come on Tommy roll them out for every dog.  And while you eat them Tommy will lead all the angels in one of my favorite songs:  “All Come All Ye Neutered.”  Remember when you neuter a dog you save lives.
And now it is time for your run through the neighborhood, through the streets and into hills and make sure you all follow Max and  Tupper.  Let’s not lose any strays.  
OK, is everyone back?  That is good.  Aran and Raider have made sure the pantry is full of food and treats for the coming year.  Now all you dogs line up.  Santa is going to give you what you want most.  Human interaction.  Keep them all in line Susie.  I know you all want to be first but it’s hard.
Now we can’t have you dogs all dirty from the food and the running so how about a little Christmas magic.  That’s right, it’s a pond and Willie is going to take you all for a swim.  Jump in and have fun
And now it is time to dry off and have fun.  Chappy do you have the automatic tennis ball thrower?  All right set it up.  Brooklyn are you ready to lead them?  OK, here comes the balls and Brooklyn lead the chase.
OK Romey we need to put all the pups back in the cages.  I know it is sad.  We wish we could do this every night.  We have lots of other shelters and rescues to go to.  But we won’t forget about you.  Meika is working on getting homes for all of you next year.  So next year when we arrive here we don’t want to see any of you.  We want you all in your forever homes.
All right it is time to go.  Everyone grab a hold of a side of the sled.  And we’re off.  Oh man will someone please pull Benjamin into the sled.
It is going to be a long night.


  1. We hope those pups in the shelter find forever homes soon.

  2. It would have been the best Christmas if every dog in the world got adopted!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Everyone needs forever homes!!!!!!!