Sunday, January 3, 2016

Angel Apollo is our Pup of the Week

apollo March 18, 2014.JPG
I have been writing tributes for newly winged angels since 2009.  With my parents helps I have been editing them and some time next year will present them all in book form.  The first story will tell the tale of  Apollo who passed to the Bridge in December of that year.  In the seven years since he last trod on the mortal side of the realm no pup has made his presence felt on the mortal side more than Apollo.  
His mother, Miss Kimberli, has devoted her life to saving dogs.  She rescues them from shelters or other hopeless situations.  Through patience and love she prepares these abused, scared dogs for new homes and then finds the perfect one for each of them.  Through the entire process she is guided by the brilliant, noble Angel Apollo.
Apollo has been tasked with bringing family member home too.  He oversaw his sister Shakira passing over, and even a willow tree.  But this morning he had his most difficult journey.  Today he had to help his Dad cross the River of Life to the immortal side leaving Apollo’s superstar dog saving Mom behind.
His Dad took very ill late last year.  He was in the ICU on a ventilator.  Like me in my oxygen tent before I passed over the river Apollo’s Dad Dennis could not breathe on his own.  Apollo and Shakira rallied lots of angels to fly prayers up the mountain for Dad Dennis but prayers are too often answered no.
While I am often present when a dog passes over the River of Life I am seldom there for humans so I must relate the story that Apollo told me.  Apollo was given the ability to go to his Dad’s hospital room in his dog form after getting special permission from the Big Guy (who Apollo refers to as The Head Dude.  When you are an angel like Apollo you can get away with that.)
Apollo bounded into the room shortly after his Mom had removed his Dad’s ventilator.  One of Apollo’s wings hit the IV knocking it down.  Apollo scurried under the bed as the nurse questioned what could have made the IV fall over.  Mom Kimberli smiled knowing it was Apollo.  After the nurse left she told Apollo it would take a while so he cuddled up on a cabinet.  And there they silently waited for Dad Dennis’ time to cross the River of Life to come.
At 3;15 AM on Sunday Dad Dennis’ allotted number of heartbeats expired and his spirit arose from his mortal form.  Apollo’s Mom turned to him, knowing her husband was gone, and told her faithful dog to take Dad Dennis home and that she would follow when her heartbeats expired.  
Dad Dennis was ready for the long climb up the stairs and the paperwork needed to be done to join the Immortal side but Apollo had cleared everything with the Big Guy and Dad Dennis was able to hop on Apollo’s back and ride straight to the Bridge.  He moved into a big house the Big Guy had built for him where thousands of dogs who never knew love could live with a man who showed so much love for dogs who never had homes.  He is sharing the house with Apollo’s vet, Dr. Joel.
Soon after he arrived Dr. Joel and Dad Dan were under the spreading weeping willow tree with thousands of dogs around them throwing balls and frisbees as the loving dogs scampered after every toss  Dad Dan and wife Kimberli spent their lives taking care of dogs and now Dad Dan will spend the afterlife taking care of dogs until his beloved wife joins him and they can do it together again.
But Angel Apollo was not amongst them.  He had gone back to the mortal side to sit with his Mom, one of the best people, and greatest friends to dogs in the world, who now has more souls connected to her heart living at The Bridge than anyone I know.
It isn’t fair.  Not much on the mortal side of life is fair.  But those living with her will give her love and support and she will always have Angel Apollo, the most powerful angel at the Bridge.


  1. What a beautiful story of devotion and love. I am sure having Angel Apollo by her side helped his mom so much during such a painful time.

  2. this was a beautiful story.

  3. A beautiful story for sure - sad yet beautiful they will all be together again someday
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. How touching. Angel Apollo did a great job helping both his Dad and his Mom. Soft woos and gentle hugs to the family.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Yes that allotted number of heartbeats one never knows, but we are the lucky ones to know the love of a dog and in knowing they are waiting on the other side gives us comfort.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. I had to stop reading this at lunch today because I was crying at work. Beautiful. Hugs to the family at this difficult time.

  7. Our momma is crying tears after reading your story, she said she hopes one day, when her heartbeats are done, Sammy and Trudie will be waiting to take her home also. thank you for this beautiful story. stella rose

  8. And the tears flow....

    Lily Belle & Muffin