Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shadow is our Pup of the Week

“There are places I remember / All my life though some have changed /Some forever not for better / Some have gone and some remain / All these places have their moments / With lovers and friends I still can recall / Some are dead and some are living / In my life I've loved them all.”
That was written by John Lennon.  Talented chap.  Great storyteller too.  Now that his friend George is here they are making great music together.  Angel Simon is playing drums for them.  John and George agree he is a better drummer than some dog named Ringo.
I have been very lucky.  I have been able to stay in touch with so many friends both mortal and immortal.  But sometimes our friends disappear from our lives and we never hear from them again.  They are just gone.  This is what happened with our friend Shadow.  He was part of our little online group one day and then, without a word, he was gone.
But no dog can hide from the world’s greatest dog detective Hobo Hudson.  He put his cats and his brother Wiley on the case, and he scoured the Internet until he saw in a far corner of the World Wide Web a small Shadow and he knew it was our friend.
It took some prodding to get Shadow to talk.  When he did he told Hobo a sad story.  His family had fallen on hard times.
While Shadow was still in contact with us his father had been quite ill.  Shadow’s on line time was curtailed because his Dad had four surgeries and was in and out of the hospital.  Thankfully it was his Mom who helped Shadow with his correspondence.  But last year his Mom took ill and Shadow disappeared from our lives.
She had been plagued with intestinal issues for a long time.  Last last year Shadow’s Mom got a bad attack which caused internal bleeding.  The internal bleeding caused her potassium levels to drop which put her in danger of having a heart attack.  She was in the hospital until just before Thanksgiving.
She began to recover during the holiday season but the Monday before Christmas Shadow’s Mom fell near her pool.  She split open her eye and needed four stitches, took the skin off her arms and legs, and worse of all she broke her hip in three places and needed to be hospitalized again.
She was also diagnosed with blood on brain.  The doctors were able to take care of that problem but she faces months of physical therapy and time away from Shadow before she gets home.  I don’t think she had given any thought to getting back on social media but maybe it we send them good healing thoughts we will hear from our friend Shadow again.
So let’s send some prayers to Shadow and his family so they can recover fully and maybe someday we will hear from them again.


  1. Sending many prayers to Shadow and his family ...

  2. Sending Shadow some serious POTP!!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Poor Shadow and his family - we are sending some healing and loving thoughts his way along with a whole bunch of Sibe hugs.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. You got it! We are sending prayers and healing vibes to Shadow and family
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. I am right beside you- sending healing and good messages too!

  6. Sending strongest POTP... I hope that Shadow's human recovers fully and that Shadow has good people to take care of her.