Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pup of the Week: Gracie Mae

My dear friend Gracie Mae crossed the River of Live via Rainbow Bridge last week, and, while I want to make sure that this story is about her and not me, I must apologize.  I was also friends with Gracie Mae’s cat siblings.  I am usually not friends with cats.  While I lived on the mortal side of the River Cats were a huge annoyance for me, except for Andy and Barney.   My brain must be deteriorating like a zombie’s because when I saw Gracie, a called this beautiful yellow dog a cat!   So sorry my friend.

Not that Gracie minded.  She loved her siblings and considered being mistaken for one, even a cat, was beautiful.   After Gracie was sworn in, fitted with wings, and received flying instruction, she landed next to me then hugged me.  “Oh Foley,” she said kissing me on the head “you are still the same silly dog.”

I usually shun such shows of affection but who could ignore Gracie’s affections?   It is the way she casually dismissed my error that displayed what a unique girl Gracie is.  On the worst day of her life, her heart was still filled with compassion.  But I was no more surprised at Grace’s graciousness then I was by the sun rising each morning

The affability of Grace’s family members was personified by her angel siblings who preceded her.  Humbly waiting for her were her little brothers Buddy and Toby, her big sister Keri, and the pack members she never met nose to nose including Muffin and Jondalar.  They joined in a huddle of love with Grace in the middle.  They concentrated very hard attempting to get a message of love across the River to their Mom and Dad, their kitty siblings, and Grace’s brother Keegan, who was now an only dog.

Gracie Mae and her pack of angels Mom and Dad taught them how to love and how to be kind.  Grace’s parents have provided a loving home for so many four legged souls there are rumors that we will build a statue of her here at the Bridge.  She could be the first of many mom statues.  In their way all our moms and dads deserve statues.

Perhaps I should form a committee on statues.  Now that we have a perfectly raised angel to chair it.


  1. Building mom and dad statues sounds like a good idea, but wouldn't there be like millions of them?

  2. Thank you so very much, Foley and Mom. You are so precious to honor our beautiful girl, Gracie, and to write such dear things about her family. We love you. <3 Mom Teri

  3. Crikey Foley ..... you're going to be mighty busy building statues. So many Mum's and Dad's deserve 'em, aye?? Gracie's parents do sound special though.


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