Thursday, April 7, 2016

Snowy Days and Mondays by Pocket Dog

Oh, my.  Snowy spring Mondays foretells ill fortune
Monday began peacefully enough.  The bedroom was cold, the bed warm, and the four of us had nowhere to go.  River and I were looking forward to a snuggly day spent under blankets on mom’s lap.  We finally arose and had to do our business in ankles deep snow.  Our most private areas were chilled.  We hurried back inside hoping for second bed but alas Mommy had started to “make” the bed.  Once they make the bed, we can’t sleep in it.  I prefer to think of it as “breaking the bed."

The trouble began during breakfast.  Daddy sipped his milk then a curious expression appeared on his face.  He said the milk was warm.  Mommy checked the refrigerator, and the temperature gauge pointed towards spoilage.  Our old refrigerator is going to Appliance Bridge.  Mommy announced, sadly, that the old fridge was not long for the kitchen.

Daddy dropped some ice cubes into his milk, and they commenced eating.  I sniffed something.  River’s nose was in the air, and I could tell she smelled it too.  “Don’t say anything,” River warned.  “When something smells we are usually blamed.”

Mommy thought since the refrigerator was malfunctioning, that it must be the source of the smell.  But it wasn’t.  I knew it was coming from the laundry room, but River counseled me to stay still.  My parents soon figured the origin of the scent. The motor in the washing machine had made a suicide pact with the refrigerator and was headed to Appliance Bridge as well.

Now Mommy and Daddy would be going out, and our snuggled was ruined.  Even worse they were going out in the snow which is super dangerous.  But before they went we had to go out in the snow again and dip our privates into the frozen zone.

It seemed like they were gone forever.  River and I waited:  Impatiently and nervously.  When they returned home, they had a big red cooler.  Their appliances would not be delivered for ten days.  And then we were back out in the cold and snow with our privates.

Then we almost answered the question we had wondered about for so long.  How many of our parents do you need to change a lightbulb?  Thanks to a special bulb and track lighting the answer is more than two, and a pair of parents was all we had.  Part of the fixture that holds the globe covering the light broke in Dad’s hand.  So they have to order a part of that.

Then six of the most depressing words in the English language was spoken:  “Opening Day canceled because of snow.”

No refrigerator, no washing machine, improper living room lighting and baseball delayed.

It all began when my parents “broke” the bed.


  1. OMD OMD your mom nearly BROKE THE WORLD with that Breaking of the Bed thingy... Sorry about the TWO Suicides... and hope that the 10 days go by Quickly... without any of Your Foodables Spoiling...
    Butt the Worst was .... NO OPENING DAY... We are embarrassed to say that OUR Pitch Burger Pirates DID get to play on Opening day... and WON...

  2. We didn't know there was a rainbow bridge for appliances but it does seem like they all go together. You should move your opening day out here where it never snows.

  3. All I heard was broke, broken, and canceled. Not a good day my friends.

    Aroo to you,

  4. What a crappy day all the way around.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Well I have to say.... Opening Day didn't go well for our Tampa Bay Rays...Loosing of course as that is the way they start the season out and usually end it...Puts the Pappa in a nasty mood...he needs to get a grip...I sat beside him and tried my best to comfort him but to no avail as the A/C seemed to not be working so welleither...Mom noticed that it had not turned off and was getting warmer by the moment.. Was running and running and running while the temps raised up to 80o+ degrees so as we sat together getting warmer and warmer using useless Kilowatts and adding to a bloated Electric bill and his favorite team was playing like a poor high school team with only 8 players..not to be challenged by anything else the next day he got into the truck..put on his favorite Country station and turned on the A/ he pulled out of the driveway..things weren't going so well..the truck was not cooling down and neither was his temperament..figuring that it was the compressor..of course it was....that will be figured into the budget along with the house A/C...Oh and not to be ignored... Mom got into the car to take a drive to the P.O...HMMMM!!! she thought...not the car too...soooooooooo,,,now that he has gotten to the parts store and found someone who he thought could put them both in....Not so...Truck will be fixed on Saturday..the guy knows his GMC's but didn't want to touch the this young man that swore he knew Honda A/C..fixed it last nite...Now you have to understand that replacing compressors in a Honda takes much more time than the GMC does...and fixing and not working half way home at 9pm. makes for another "bad attitude"....Mom went to bed...and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ dollars later, my Pappa is on his way back to see what he hopes is just a glinch & all will be fixed and we will be back into business..of course..back to the A/C in the house...the window of opportunity, as Mom puts it was 8/Midnite before they could get the house warmed up pretty good before the next morning as coming at midnite was not Mom's idea of an appointment in the dark...something could be said about that I suppose...So Angel Max and Me...that would be Angel Ladybug fluttered and flapped our wings around the bedrooms to cool things down..which still didn't change Pappa's attitude..We all have our trials and they all break down at the same time....Of course...Mom says that "Murphy's Law".. Good Luck with the NEW APPLIANCES!!!!!!!


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