Friday, April 29, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A New Home for Degas

The dawn’s early light rose above the mountains that stand just beyond my house on Rainbow Bridge.  My friend Bazier, who many of you know as Blazer, and I crawled towards my bed.  We both climbed in and covered our heads with the blanket.  Both of us were exhausted.  With some minor assistance from me, Bazier had finally accomplished his goal.

On the mortal side of the River, in the bedroom of a house in Portland Oregon, two souls slept.  It was Bazier‘s Mom Miss Vicki and her new pup:  A nine-year-old mini poodle named Degas. 

Upon his arrival at the Bridge, Bazier had been looking for the perfect dog for his Mom.  It was an arduous task.  Bazier’s passing had broken her heart.    Not only did he need to find the perfect dog but he had to get his Mom to accept another dog in her heart:  A dog who would not be him, who would not be perfection. 

How do you replace perfection?  It is a problem all angel parents face.  But it was especially bad for Miss Vicki because she has no family, and lives a very private life.  Her pets have been her world.  When Bazier had to leave, she was alone.  Alone is a very powerful and painful word.

Bazier visited his Mom in her dreams, and once even while she was awake, trying to mend her heart to a point where she could accept a new baby.  It took several months but, working together, Bazier and his Mom got to a place where she could accept another dog.

Miss Vicki was contacted by Bazier’s veterinarian.  The vet told Miss Vicki she had a customer who needed to rehome a “problem” dog.  Miss Vicki has always taken in problem pets, Bazier himself was a biter, and she thought she was up for the challenge.  Bazier went to interview the dog.  After the interview he came to my house.

Oh, Foley.  This dog is way too active for my Mom.  He will wear her right out.  I don’t know what to do.”
Several weeks later she learned of another dog, who was also a biter.  The biter was still with her Mom, who could no longer abide the biting issues.  The mom seemed conflicted about surrendering her dog.  Bazier told me he was worried his Mom would be hurt again.  I told him it was time for him to find the perfect shelter dog.

Bazier went to the shelter and found a dog who would be an excellent companion for his Mom.  He is a poodle named Degas.  He had been abandoned.  Degas was severely abused.  He had several open sores on his body.  His poodle fur had to be shaved because it was severely matted.  He was estimated to be 11 and a half years old.  Finding someone to take in a senior dog was unlikely.  

Miss Vicki fell in love with Degas at first sight.  Within minutes the shelter director knew she had found their angel on Earth.  Miss Vicki said that Degas deserved to live out his life in a loving homes, and she would provide the home.  After a long process at the shelter, Miss Vicki took Degas home.

During the entire process, Bazier and I watched over his Mom.  Bazier wanted to make sure Degas went home with his Mom, for her sake, for Degas’ sake, and for Bazier’s.  When Degas entered Bazier’s former home tears fromed in Bazier’s eyes.  He was so happy.  His Mom’s heartbeat was no longer beating solo.  It was beating in rhythm with a dog his Mom instantly loved.

Degas has many issues:  His sores have to be treated and he has a fever and a cost, but he also has one of the best moms, and angels, in the land.

I watched over Bazier in his sleep and gave him a kiss on his head.  “Good job my friend,” I told him before putting my head down and joining him in a well-earned sleep.


  1. We couldn't be happier for Miss Vicki and Degas.
    Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. I am so glad to hear that Vicki has found her new furbaby to love! Dear Blazer did a wonderful job finding sweet Degas.

  3. Dogs with problems just need humans with solutions. Good for Miss Vicki

  4. Congrats to ya Degas for picking such a wonderful " Forever Home"πŸ˜€πŸΆπŸ˜€

  5. Congrats to ya Degas for picking such a wonderful " Forever Home"πŸ˜€πŸΆπŸ˜€

  6. YAY for Devas. He has a wonderful home now!!


  7. We are pretty sure that Angel Pip brought Ruby to us happy for Miss Vicky and Degas. I hope his wounds and heart heal quickly.


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