Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pup of the Week: Jeni

We built a wall to keep any dog who does not want to pass over the River of Life to Rainbow Bridge out.  All we need for this plan to work is that people to do their jobs.  When Jeni was placed in a life threatening situation this week, we angels had to work very hard because humans were refusing to cooperate to keep her on the mortal side.
We dogs were put on Earth to do three things:  To love you, to eat, and, well, most of our parents took away the third thing from us while we were young, so we are down to two things.  Loving you will never hurt us but on rare occasions, we can be hurt eating.
This is what happened to Jeni.  She ate, and then she looked at her Mom and began barking.  At first, her mom thought Jeni was being a brat, but she realized there was something wrong with her beloved girl.  She rushed her to the vet where she was diagnosed with bloat and was in critical condition.
Angel Simon volunteered to sit with Jeni so she would not be alone during surgery.  Angel Bear gathered a group together to fly prayers up to the Big Guy for Jeni.  Everything was in order:  Then I heard angel wings fluttering.  Angel Simon frantically shouted to me that the doctors were refusing to treat Jeni.
As Jeni lay at the clinic, in shock, with her ticket for the Bridge imminent, the doctor told Jeni’s mom, Mama Deborah, he would not treat Jeni unless she paid cash up front.  Poor Mama Deborah was frantic.  She didn’t know if she could get the funds.  
This was a nasty situation.  Mama Deborah was desperate.  She could not lose her baby.  Forcing people to get cash to save someone they passionately love leads to desperation and bad decisions.  Thankfully she was able to find the money before Jeni’s condition had progressed too far.
Mama Deborah paid her money down, and the doctor began the procedure.  Luckily nothing in Jeni’s digestive tract had twisted.  Instead of operating they flushed out her stomach.  She still had to be placed under anesthesia, which is always dangerous.  Despite having to be put under she came through the procedure like a champ.
Jeni had to spend the night at the hospital.  The next morning Mama Deborah went to the vet to get her heart dog and to settle the bill.  The office did not have enough money in the cash drawer to make change for Mama Deborah.  They said they would forward the money to her.  She said the irony was not lost on her.
Jeni is home, and she is recovering nicely.  She took an essential poop this morning meaning she does not have a blockage.  Angel Simon is still watching over her, and Angel Bear is still sending prayers to the Big Guy for her.
Meanwhile, Angel Linky volunteered for an essential job.  He is meeting with the birds, who can fly between the mortal and immortal side of the River of Life, to dive bomb and poop on the bag vet and everyone who works in his office.  They are going to need the extra money Mama Deborah gave them to get their cars detailed.
We hope and pray that Jeni fully recovers, and that no doctor ever refuses to treat a dog until he receives payment.  We angels are doing our job saying prayers and maintaining our wall.  Humans with the gift to heal pups need to help us by doing their jobs.


  1. Whew, we are so glad this story had a happy ending despite that idiot vet. Time for Jeni's family to find a new and compassionate doctor!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. We are so glad Jeni's mom understood her and rushed her to get the help she needed. Wishing Jeni many more happy years with her peeps.

  3. We are so happy that Jeni is going to be fine and wish Angel Linky great victory in giving the dogtor what he deserves!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. We understand that the vet has to run his practice and that takes money, but to demand cash up front is terrible. We wish elephants could fly.

  5. They should find a new vet, to demand payment upfront for an emergency is just not right. We are luck to have gone to the same vet clinic for more that 30 yrs. When Angel Greta got so sick - payment was never mentioned, they did what needed done.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. We are so happy sweet Jeni is going to be okay, we hope those birds work overtime on those cars. Its just not right. stella rose

  7. We too are happy that Jeni will be ok,



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